Streaming Vs. Physical Media

…to play Fireboy and Asake’s Bandana on my turntable. I’m just a simple girl with simple needs.

Feminism and 2022; How Close Are We To Feministic World?

In an average home, the female child is taught how to be a good wife and helpmate to her husband rather than how to be the better version of themselves, whether it is being a wife or not.

Management of Anxiety

For a feeling most of us tag as unpleasant, anxiety can be beneficial – if it’s well managed.

FASHION: Latest Fashion Item Alert!

Hello, lovelies and a warm welcome to the blog this week. How is the new normal going?, fine I hope. Speaking of the new normal let’s talk about…


Do you have some coconut handy? Need a new recipe to add to your rice menu? Or are you having friends over for dinner? Surprise your family or…