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Tinubu's economy

Vox Pop: How Are You Faring In This Tinubu’s Economy?

Hello MediVoice readers👋, let’s talk about Tinubu’s regime. Few days ago, President Tinubu celebrated one year in office and as a side bar, changed our national anthem. In…

Part 2 Vox Pop: Histo/ Embro Incourse And Preparation For First MB As A Preclinical Student.

The faces of part 2 students were a canvas of emotions as they wrapped up their histology and embryology exams last week. The exam format was the hot…

Ramadān Vox-pop: How is it Going?

The blessed month, Ramadān is almost coming to an end and we ask Allah in His infinite mercies to grant us the longevity to witness more of it.…

“I Used to be Brilliant, Now I Don’t Even Know Anymore” – Self Doubt in Medical School (Pt1)

One of the harsh realities about med school is that you’re surrounded by geniuses that seems to outshine you without even breaking a sweat…

Part 4 Class in Med-School: Expectations And Reality

The part 4 class resumed with enthusiasm after many years of being a cadaver specialist, having to dress corporately, ward coats, stethoscope etc.

The ‘Mid-Semester Break’ : Yay or Nay? (Vox-Pop)

Here at MediVoice, we don’t just want you to hear our stories. We lend you a voice to tell your own stories too. Covid Break- Shut down Break-…

Exypnos vox pop!

They recorded a 99.9% pass and of course, many expected that having achieved this feat a nice relaxing holiday was in order, however, the college had other plans.

September 9: Solidarity at its Finest

MediVoice went around to ask some of the Medical and Dental class members about their opinion on the two proposed exam dates and how they feel the dates might or might not have affected their preparations.

Excelsiors Vox Pop

It is common knowledge that Part 4 is viewed as the longest class in Medical School. At least in OAU. This class has been much longer due to…

Vox Pop: Low Turnouts at Polls

When asked what their opinion was on this year’s election and the turnout at the polls, here is what a few IFUMSAites had to say.