Vox Pop: Low Turnouts at Polls

Whew! Election season is over. Votes have been cast and a new set of executives, riding on the high of the Capacity tenure have emerged, ready to usher us into a Quintessential era. When asked what their opinion was on this year’s election and the turnout at the polls, here is what a few IFUMSAites had to say.

There was no “Election energy,” no “politicking vibes.” That electoral aura wasn’t there at all. The turnout was poor. Less than 50% of the association voted and personally, I don’t think that type of result should stand because less than half of the association was involved in the decision making – Bolu

The election was dry and not competitive enough, it would have been more interesting if there were opponents.

The election period was a fun one! Being an agent made it even more interesting, as my candidate obviously won😂. As regards the turnout, I honestly expected more of that as this was my first election to be witnessed in the association. But it appears that people didn’t surface due to the ideology that ‘Is it not only one aspirant? My vote doesn’t matter since they will still get elected irrespective of the vote.’ Anyways, it was fine and as credible as possible. – Bartholomew

I feel we could have had the election at a better time as it seemed like most clinical students were having exams. The turnout was not encouraging🙂

The election period was a busy time for all Ifumsaites especially clinical students and the majority of the electoral committee members had to juggle several things at once. Nonetheless, they were able to perform their duties optimally and conduct a free, fair, and credible election for IFUMSA.

    I find the turnout of IFUMSAITES for this year’s election disappointing☹️. 42.1% out of eligible voters actually cast their votes. Not even half of the association was available in the decision-making process, how then can we bring about the change we so desperately wish to see?

   Last year’s turnout was 82.1%. Could that be due to the lesser competition and vacant positions this year?💁🏽‍♂️ We may never know but IFUMSA has decided and I wish the winners of the election a successful parliamentary year – Dotun

Tbh, I feel this year election process wasn’t fascinating at all. I mean, it was so predictable, no drama which made most ifumsaites lose interest and resulted in the turnout level being really low

Still, with all that’s been said, we wish the newly-elected executives a successful and glorious run. With all members of the association, we now await the swearing-in program to come up Monday, August 9, which marks the official start of the new era — the Quintessential era.

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