Relationships; when quantity trumps quality

it is those people you see every day and joke on irrelevant matters that you feel closest to

IQDC’s Report on the AMSUL Senate Competition

The IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club have been living up to their status as the Club/Organ of the year by the outstanding feats they have set in recent times

Michael Onasanya Emerges as the 33rd Editor-in-Chief of the IFEMED Journal Club

Here, with us, is the latest Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Club, Michael Onasanya, to share his thoughts on the election and his experience in the club so far.

Akintomiwa Akinnimi Wins 1 Million Naira at the Quramo Writers’ Prize 2021

On Sunday, 3rd of October, Akintomiwa Akinnimi, a final year medical student of Obafemi Awolowo University, was announced the winner of the Quramo Writers’ Prize 2021.

Favour Oyewole Named FAMSA Officer (Female) for the Month of September

There’s a lot to gain and achieve in FAMSA if we would all get involved. So yes, get involved.

September 9: Solidarity at its Finest

MediVoice went around to ask some of the Medical and Dental class members about their opinion on the two proposed exam dates and how they feel the dates might or might not have affected their preparations.

FAMSA IFUMSA Orientation: What You Need to Know

I want to ensure IFUMSAites know what FAMSA is about, become more involved in the association and enjoy the advantages.

Excelsiors Vox Pop

It is common knowledge that Part 4 is viewed as the longest class in Medical School. At least in OAU. This class has been much longer due to…

Full Text of President ‘Lolu Akinteye’s Inaugural Address

Today I write this speech to you with the warmest of a heart filled with enthusiasm, a mind full of hope, a head held up high and a body strengthened by your own passion, support and kindness.

Words and Promises; A Brief Rundown of the Swearing-In of the Quintessential IFUMSA

Today marked the swearing-in of great men and women carrying the quintessential flag.