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our fragments might just be cloaks of fulfilment.

hasn’t been this convincing that babies see those smiles on doctors’ and nurses’ faces while they cry so loudly as cruel — like stale inmates rejoicing on the arrival of a new convict.

Good News: We Are Finally Medical Students!

I have always wondered why this is so, that clinical students do not consider medical students in preclinical classes as nothing more than

Full Text of President ‘Lolu Akinteye’s Inaugural Address

Today I write this speech to you with the warmest of a heart filled with enthusiasm, a mind full of hope, a head held up high and a body strengthened by your own passion, support and kindness.

Let’s talk about weather for two.

These times have essentially become the time of reflective thinking of where your relationship is headed and if you will ever get someone to share your bed.

Power from the Perspective of Leadership

We should see leadership as a form of public service with its essence being the people. We remove the flock, and the shepherd is no shepherd at all.

What is loss like?

Does it surprise us at all or even spark our curiosity as to how people manage and make do with life after significant loss(es)?

Maybe You Shouldn’t Ask Them Out

Maybe you shouldn’t ask them out. Oyinkan Braithwaite did say, “Love is not a weed, it cannot grow anywhere it pleases.”

Wait, what if there were no litters?

The earth I envision — the one we should envision — is one free from refuse, blessed with fresh air, and radiant with its beauty.

How Social Media Is Ruining Our Lives

Does your productivity increase when you are without your apps?