Full Text of President ‘Lolu Akinteye’s Inaugural Address

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of IFUMSA.

  1. Due to some circumstances beyond our control, you were unable to hear me deliver my first speech as President yesterday as we were sworn in according to the sacrosanct constitution of IFUMSA in the presence of our Provost, Professor B.A Kolawole and our Dean, Professor O. Sowande.

  2. Today I write this speech to you with the warmest of a heart filled with enthusiasm, a mind full of hope, a head held up high and a body strengthened by your own passion, support and kindness.

  3. Over 4 decades ago, people of different culture, religion and background pursuing the same degree, left their homes and came together under one umbrella and began to associate in one accord, giving birth to our great association IFUMSA.

  4. Many generations have come to uphold the mantra of excellence, many people have come to project us into the light of our existence and to ensure that our goals, aims and objectives are achieved. We owe it to these generations to continue in this struggle and to uphold what they have built while also building much more.

  5. “… that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to IFUMSA, and I will discharge all my duties and responsibilities faithfully, without fear or favour in accordance with the constitution and always in the interest of the members of IFUMSA.” These were part of the wordings of the oath I took yesterday. Emphatically, clearly and with pure mind, these words have continued to resonate with me and it has further emphasized what I have been saying about nurturing and fighting for the interest of IFUMSA and IFUMSites. Without fear because it only kills hope and without favour because it reneges on our idea to stand together to achieve a quintessential association.

  6. Yesterday, with the elected team of executives and your elected parliamentarians, we continue on a never-ending journey to stand by those words enshrined in our constitutional aims and objectives.

  7. Together, we resolved that IFUMSAites deserve to climb on the shoulders of those who are ahead, learn from their mistakes and successes and be mentored in whatever that interests them.

  8. Together we understand the essence of the acquisition of skills and how much this can help build our human capital as an association, building people’s capacities, ensuring growth and establishing developments of mind and dexterity of hands.

  9. Together, we have also come to realize that our people cannot be all works without play. Sports have always been a way for us to relieve stress, bond together even in the spirit of competition through the IFUMSA Olympics, quality representations in intra and inter-university games.

  10. Together, the academics of IFUMSAites is one of utmost priority. Our educational interest is not one to be taken with levity. For this we must continue to encourage discussions, research and contributions to the smooth running of our academic activities including beginning and mid-session orientation. This together with the mental health of everyone of us must be keenly and efficiently cared for.

  11. Together we will also try to achieve financial stability, ensuring that financial members continue to see reasons and benefits for their money and everyone is involved in the fundraising models of the association.

  12. Together as a family, we continue to engage one another through our various platforms, ensuring that as an association, everyone is carried along and is kept abreast of all our activities, selling us to the world and bringing us to the limelight.

  13. Dearest IFUMSAites, we must however understand that the reality of things is that in ensuring our fidelity, we must also respond to existing and emerging challenges. We must be ready to face some obstacles but we will only be able to salvage them through collective actions. Now, more than ever, we must stand together as one group of people, as one association and as one family.

  14. Our association has gone through times of little and many. We have seen lows and we have experienced highs, but our prosperity must rely on the shoulders of everyone of us, to liberate ourselves and to continue to do so without weak minds or tired spirits. We have to encourage and harness ideas no matter where they are coming from. We must keep an open secretariat, but more than that we must keep open minds to hear one another, to be receptive, be accommodating and be cheerful as we do all of these together.

  15. Distinguished IFUMSAites, it is now our generation’s creed to carry on the mantle of our forebears and preserve the future for the coming ones. Our journey will be faulty if we do not understand that every medical student from Ife must have with them requisite skills needed to savour the outside world. Our journey is faulty if we have not equipped ourselves mentally. Our journey is faulty if we have not established for ourselves the zeal to do more and achieve more and relentlessly pursue excellence. Our journey is faulty if we have not come together to help ourselves academically, socially and with the spirit of sportsmanship. That is our generation’s task — to make these words, these rights, these values of life and freedom and the pursuit of happiness real for every IFUMSAite.

  16. Fellow IFUMSAites, as I have taken my oath just as the forty-two Presidents before me had done in time past, I have again ensured my commitment to your service, my loyalty to our struggle and my charisma to lead you from the front. You and I as IFUMSAites with ambitions and beacons of hope for excellence. You and I to join hands to build our capacities.  You and I standing together all inclusively for growth.

  17. Let me crave your indulgence as I end this speech to recite with me the serenity prayer.
    “…Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

  18. Thank you very much for your time.

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