The Cons of Online Voting

Is the online voting process really flawless?

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Quintessential Goodbyes and IFUMSA-Cratic Hellos; Ushering in the IFUMSA-Cracy Regime

Oaths have been taken, speeches have been rendered, and promises have been made.

President-Elect: Kolade Adegoke

The vision remains the same: IFUMSA-Cracy!

Director of Socials-Elect: Olayade Olamide Mary

I am very happy and grateful to all Ifumsites.

Treasurer-Elect: Akwuba Clare Chimelumma

Honestly, I feel happy, overwhelmed and ecstatic to finally serve Ifumsa actively.

Public Relations Officer-Elect: Balogun Toluwa Daniel

I feel elated in a way I couldn’t possibly just describe on the phone via typing.

General Secretary-Elect: Deborah Olaitan Komolafe

Yes, it does feel surreal. There were several reactions when I declared to run for this office.

Vice President-Elect: Atoyebi Evelyn Temidayo

How do you feel seeing you won? Amazed! Elated! It feels so surreal and exciting because the race was a really long one. It was a long and…