Director of Sport-Elect: Adewumi Victor Olawale

How do you feel seeing you won?

Well, I’m happy, even though I contested unopposed, having the highest number of votes means that IFUMSAites believe in my plans. This gladdens my heart.

What do you have to say to IFUMSAites?

IFUMSAites have really spoken through their votes. They have voted who they think deserves the post. I will make sure I deliver on my promises and not disappoint IFUMSAites.

What’s your first point of duty, what will you focus on first knowing now that you have won?

I believe I can’t do the work alone. I have beautiful plans laid out but I need capable hands. My first point of action will be to get people of like minds together, so we can work on actualising this dream.

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