Public Relations Officer-Elect: Balogun Toluwa Daniel

How do you feel seeing you won?

I feel elated in a way I couldn’t possibly just describe on the phone via typing. It’s been a dream of mine for a while now since I joined the MediPROjector team, to eventually be able to serve IFUMSA in a position where I can bring about actual change and progress, as part of the force that’ll take IFUMSA to the next level. Moreover seeing the calibre of people I’ll have as my fellow leaders in the Executive Council, makes me all the more excited about service in this parliamentary year. I feel together we would give IFUMSA the best service it has ever seen and have a ceilings-shattering tenure. That’s how I feel about winning.

What do you have to say to IFUMSAites?

All I can say is that it is indeed an honour to be given this opportunity to serve as a member of the Executive Council this parliamentary year because come to think of it “who am I?” I promise not to betray the trust IFUMSITES have placed in me and my plans for IFUMSA and to do my very best to bring each of those plans to fruition at a pace and in a way that would be perspicuous enough for all and sundry to see. THANK YOU MY DEAR IFUMSAITES, I LOVE YOU ALL, AND I PROMISE TO SERVE YOU AND OUR ASSOCIATION AS A WHOLE TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY, GIVING IT MY ALL THROUGHOUT THIS TENURE❤️❤️❤️MUCH LOVE.

What’s your first point of duty, what will you focus on first knowing now that you have won?

My first point of duty would be to get an efficient and active team. This is because as has been rightly observed by anyone who took their time to follow up closely throughout my campaign, I’m a team player and I believe that alone we can do so little but together, there’s nothing that can stop us from achieving anything we set our minds to achieve. After getting my team ready and well informed about my goals and making them prepared to serve, then we’ll look towards bringing each of my MANIFESTOES to life starting with the “Meet your Medipreneur series”, and “bringing extra content and attention to our YOUTUBE channel”.


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