Part 4 Class in Med-School: Expectations And Reality

It’s no longer news that the Exypnos Medicos and Maven Dentista (Part 4 Medicine & Dental classes) started their clinical lectures alongside postings after a long break that seemed unending. Technically, part 3 class ended sometime around January 2022 but ASUU strike had a hand in the late resumption of the actual part 4 academic work.

All things being equal, I think its safe to say part 4 final exams should hold before December 2023, making it approximately 2 full years in a single class.

As expected, news have been flying around on how to smash this class. Almost every one has a senior colleague to milk for tips on how to kill/survive this new system.
Also guys resumed with enthusiasm of having to dress corporately, having ward coats including stethoscope and relating with actual patients after the many years of being a cadaver specialist 😂.

To cut the long story short, class activities are from 7:30am till 5:00pm which includes hours of lectures and postings.

And unlike in Preclinical classes where we all had our practicals together, the whole class of about 175 medical & dental students has been divided into 10 smaller groups for the postings. Each group is to rotate a particular posting monthly such that those that start with Morbid Anatomy for instance will finish for the year with Haematology and Immunology Posting. While those that start with Medicine Posting will have Chemical Pathology as their last posting.

The postings rotated in the Part 4 class here in OAU include

Medicine Posting (with its subunits)

Surgery Posting (also with its subunits)

Morbid Anatomy

Chemical Pathology ( Chem-Path)

Microbiology and Parasitology (Micro-Para)

Haematology and Immunology (Haema-Immo)

Community Health Posting and

Not exempting Pharmacology postings starting later during the year

Kindly read to get a feel of the experience after two weeks of this academic exercise:

My circadian rhythm is a complete mess right now😅.

I’ve seen shege😬
I’m not used to waking up early and rushing to class again. Last time that happened was 2019. Moreso, I’ve been sleeping in all single classes and postings (except one).
Finally, my circadian rhythm is in a complete mess rn😅. I no dey enter REM level of sleep again
I’m going to do this for a year. God abeg o🤲🏽

They should give us our degree after Part 4 abeg!😪

Omoooooo, my own is just that after this part 4, they must give me this MBBS degree, i’ve seen a lot already – anonymous

Compulsory weekend Postings?!😪

I’ve been stressed!
It’s not even enough that we have 7:30 am class right?Just at that moment when you are starting to think all could be well, they ask you to come for compulsory weekend posting😐
Starting to think staying off-k is also a curse. Getting transport around OAUTHC is the ghetto! You trek till your feet bleed.
All is well –

Shege Pro-Max😂

It’s is in this part 4 that i got to know that you can be dressed corporate, look good, and still be seeing shege loju mejeji anonymous

Bad tales here and there🥺

It’s been the absolute ghetto o😂I think it’s even more jarring considering how long we’ve been away from school. I was not only physically exhausted, but I was also mentally drained. Plus there’s the added fact that everyone’s trying to scare you with “bad tales” of how easy it is to fail, fall behind, etc. I have hated every second of this week fr anonymous

Running round the hospital under the sun isn’t just it 😪

The past few days have been interesting and exhausting. To think the mental stress hasn’t started at all and it’s already this draining sigh.
The interesting part is seeing live cases/ patients and various conditions/procedures that were just read in textbooks. It is exciting seeing all this in physical. My unit people are very nice and take out time to explain to us. They even go as far as letting us listen/feel different things on the patients. It is interesting. To think this is just the beginning of such many cases.
On the exhausting part, like there are no breaks at all till this ends is depressing. Transportation is a major issh, running round the hospital under the sun isn’t it. They said the standing during ward rounds and surgery is small compared to what we have in front sigh.
The volume of what to read too is scary. You can’t afford to slack for a day or things are already piling sigh. Sleep is also fucked up now, waking so early for classes🥲
The evening classes aren’t it and it is mostly a sleeping center from the day activities
😭 – anonymous

I expected the work

The last few days have been exhilarating. It feels like the time of my life that I know will come, that I have…for some part, dreaded, and for the most part,- anticipated, is finally upon me.
The bulk of work was what I expected. I think many of us already knew how it’s going to be. While I know there will be so many changes to my usual routine, I’m looking forward to adapting to the new class and taking one more step closer to BECOMING

This person must be in ‘Morbid Posting’ 💔😂

It’s funny until consultant start to daze person – anonymous

You’ll be in class and preparing presentations for posting😂

Omo!! 😭😭😭
It is what it is meeehnn..
Because eeee chokkeeee🤧🤧🤧
After almost 2 years of not attending classes and already being used to online classes, and then this!! 😭😭 That transition is not transitioning at all!!
A whole lazy boy like me is now struggling to meet up with 7am class. Money is just leaving someone’s pocket as if one didn’t hustle to get it.
E come like say person no even get life. You’ll be in class and preparing presentations for posting. You can’t even miss the class because that one sef has mark.
Wo… This year should just finish already, Cos I know we’re just even starting.
I hate to imagine how it’ll be by mid year, or towards the end of the year. But e go be
🤌🏾 anonymous

Wahala for who no get stuff😅

Firstly, It has been stressful – without question. Waking up by 7 is a problem for me. It still will be for the next couple of weeks, ngl.😂 The constant “dazing” and “stuf-moving” left and right nko? Wàhálà for who no con get stuff laidis.🫠
Despite all these, It has been a bit exciting sha. Glad to see that we are advancing. This shege shall (soon) pass
. anonymous

Still trying to fathom how this would run for 11 months straight!🤔

As for me, it still feel weird.
I’m still trying to fathom if this is how things will run for the next 11 months. Lotta stuff here and there, having to get to class as early as 7:30am is tiring fr. But, so far the experience hasn’t been so bad.
I personally feel it will be fun with time

7.30am Pharmacology Classes 🙃

Well, waking up earlier to keep up for pharmacology attendance na die😂😂 anonymous

“It’s been stretching I’m not gonna lie”🥺

Starting this clinical journey has been exciting. I would say I have looked forward to it and now I am in that reality, it is no longer a dream.
I have heard from seniors how stressful this class can be, and sure I believe them. But now in that reality doing it, I must say It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do.
Making sure you get to class before 7:30 am and be attentive in class because not all lecturers teach the same way. And then rushing down for postings, and coming back for the afternoon class. Then you realize you have a lot to do, cook at times, prepare presentation slides and the cycle goes again.
It’s been stretching I am not gonna lie!

‘Na me wan become doctor before’😪

So, I’m not the brightest of students and I already feel overwhelmed on a normal preclinical med-school day. Now it’s clinical, and I’m joggling between being overwhelmed and staying sane🥺.
There’s just so much to do, so much to listen to and very little time to implement. Anyone who has enough time to do all these basically doesn’t sleep or isn’t just human😅.
However, all these are rants, na me wan become doctor so, I’ll have to sit up and organize everything. I know it’ll be an interesting ride. I’m sure that by next year, I’ll smile while telling this story

It’s Not that bad🤔

I started with chem path and it seems to be going well the first day, till we started presentation. I had to take conscious effort to follow the slides. Also, I’m still trying to bond with people in my posting group. Hopefully, it gets better with time. It’s not as bad as I expected – anonymous

Morbid Anatomy Tales

Morbid Posting has been an experience of many shades. From not being able to relate when when your mates are moving stuff, to being stuff-ed up after the anger from how the consultant had been oppressing you, to even contemplating skipping posting to avoid confrontations. And the drama surrounding presentations.

Shout out to Dr. A., the consultant in charge of our posting. That man is the most energetic person I have seen, ever! He’s so full of life, and of Stuff! And he’s very enjoyable to listen to. We kept bursting into laughter again and again, but then would always come those moments of dread when you’d know he was about directing a question at you.

My only resolve for the new week was to be as maximally prepared as I possibly could for the new week. Mat God help me sha.

It’s been just two weeks, but words would fail if we were to share all the happenings. But it’s nice to see that this “beautiful experience” and shege is going round randomly. And one way or the other everyone is facing something.

Regardless, we really wish the part 4 class success as they journey through this class.

And you can check out our previous post Exypnos Medicos Gets New MB Date After “10-Days Countdown” Scare, our report on the drama that surrounded their part 3 MB in 2021.

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  • My personal take on the Part 4 class is that it’s a class that ‘all the things you skipped reading in Preclinicals would come to haunt you’ 😂. Especially all the pages you ran away from in Physio & BCH🥺😪💔😂😂😂

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