Ajao Oluwatimilehin and Alimi Azeez Emerge Winner and First Runner-up at the Adejumo Kabir Essay Contest

The winners of the Adejumo Kabir Essay Contest were announced and awarded at the International Campus Journalism Conference which held earlier today. Ajao Timilehin, a member of the…

Aduragbemi Emmanuel

Meet Aduragbemi Emmanuel Adebunmi: A soon-to-be Doctor of the Excelsiors Class

I am Aduragbemi Emmanuel. Any book on Grace should describe my life, how far God has helped a boy with one E8, and eight F9 in his first WAEC

Part 4 Class in Med-School: Expectations And Reality

The part 4 class resumed with enthusiasm after many years of being a cadaver specialist, having to dress corporately, ward coats, stethoscope etc.

Torobong Obot

Exclusive Interview With The Chairperson Of The NiMSA Preclinical Forum- Torobong Obot.

In 2021, the Danbuba Umar-led NIMSA administration gave birth to the Emerging Leaders Forum where Preclinical students could grow, connect, and actively learn about the ropes of NIMSA.…

Eshemokhai Okhesomi

Exclusive Interview with the Editor-in-Chief of MediVoice News and Literary Club- Eshemokhai Okhesomi

Here, we feature Eshemokhai OKhesomi, the current Editor in Chief of MediVoice News and Literary Club. Medivoice: Can we meet you, please? My name is Eshemokhai Okhesomi Rejoice.…

42nd OAU medical induction ceremony

Highlights of the 42nd OAU Medical Induction Ceremony

The 42nd OAU Medical Induction ceremony was held on the 14th of October 2022. Like previous ceremonies, the inductees donned the special College of Health sciences ties and…

The history behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Many warring groups’ conquests and Ukraine’s diversified terrain have resulted in the creation of a complex fabric of multiethnic governments.

Personality of the week

I feel like regardless of everything life throws at us, we should keep holding on, life is a big fight and nobody likes a defeat.

CBN Freezes Accounts of Risevest, Bamboo, Others…

The federal high court, Abuja, granted the request of the Central Bank of Nigeria to freeze accounts of some forex traders in Nigeria.

King Arthur’s Infinity News Table 3

It is revealed that Nigerian politicians never go without wearing a form of hat or cap because they always be capping.