Highlights of the 42nd OAU Medical Induction Ceremony

The 42nd OAU Medical Induction ceremony was held on the 14th of October 2022. Like previous ceremonies, the inductees donned the special College of Health sciences ties and scarves. There was a beautiful array of blue, brown, and black suits and dresses. Canopies dotted various reception hotspots; Gloryland, Religious ground, Museum, and ICT. And the excitement of the induction rice, drinks, and jotters that would come later was in the air.

While all these spell “Induction” in the mind of the average IFUMSAite or OAU student, the actual ceremony is what goes on in Oduduwa Hall. So what else should you be looking forward to during your own induction ceremony? And more importantly, what went down last friday?

One thing is sure anyway, a medical Induction ceremony is a special event. It signifies the end of Medical studentship and a transition into a new phase as a medical doctor.  So Let’s see the events that occurred at the 42nd OAU Medical induction Ceremony.

A Report of The 42nd OAU Medical Induction Ceremony

A few minutes to 10 am, the inductees filed into Oduduwa hall through the front entrance and sat in the middle row of the hall.  The Compere (MC) proceeded to welcome guests, parents, and college professors present. Some of these professors included Prof Agbakwuru, Prof Erhabor, Prof Adebayo, Prof Adeyemi, Prof Komolafe, Prof Orji, Dr. Abiodun, etc. Most of these introductions were accompanied by a standing ovation from the inductees as they celebrated their teachers. 

After this, the VC’s procession entered the Hall and this consisted of the Principal officers of the University. The University Registrar, Bursar, Librarian, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration. And finally, the Vice Chancellor Himself, Prof Simeon Adebayo Bamire, the 12th Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University.

In addition, Officials of the College of Health sciences were also introduced; the Provost, Prof. Babatope Kolawole,  the Dean of Clinical Sciences, and the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. The Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council (MDCN), Dr. Tajudeen Sanusi was also present and was introduced. After welcoming all the dignitaries and guests present, the College band led the National Anthem, National Prayer (second stanza), and the Great Ife Anthem. 

At this point, I’d also love to quickly advise that if you want to attend any induction ceremony in OAU, come as early as possible. In no time, family and well-wishers filled Oduduwa hall, and lots of people were standing because no seat was available. Eventually, the Provost ordered the security officers to close the doors so the ceremony would be less rowdy. And those who came late could not enter the hall.


Next up were the speeches, starting with the Provost of COHS, Prof Kolawole Babatope.  He welcomed all officials present and described the induction as a 50th-anniversary induction as it was held in the same year the College was marking its 50th year of existence.  He further stated that the College of Health Sciences OAU was a brand of medical intellectuals and thus encouraged the inductees to uphold the quality of this brand.

After the Provost’s speech, the Vice-Chancellor gave a speech. It’s noteworthy that this was the first induction the current VC, Prof Bamire, has conducted since he came into office some months ago. He congratulated the parents and the inductees themselves. He also celebrated all Great Ife students present at the ceremony.

The MDCN Registrar, Dr Tajudeen Sanusi, spoke next. He started by describing the fundamental synergy that must exist in Medical Education. First, between the CMD of the Teaching hospital, which is the Medical Education workshop, and the College’s Provost. And also between the Provost of the College and the Vice-Chancellor. He thus urged the heads of these institutions to always work together.

“The Induction today is a call to service, a service to Humanity.” He further rendered. He stated that the medical profession is highly regulated, so a medical practitioner must be very ethical. He advised the new doctors to be careful of their involvement with the ARD (Association of Resident Doctors) at this level because the House Job is still the last part of their training.

In Dr. Sanusi’s words, “House officers are not members of ARD. They are only a part by association but when it comes to decisions like strike actions, kindly desist” 

He also stated penalties due to certain offences and the pathway of disciplinary action from the MDCN body.

Presentation of Medical Graduates

The next part of the induction was the presentation of the graduates/inductees to the Provost. The representative of the vice dean of clinical sciences and the dean of Dentistry conducted this exercise. The dean of clinical sciences requested that the inductees be upstanding and then said to the Provost “ I hereby present the Medical graduates of the College of Health Sciences of the year….”

The dean of the faculty of dentistry did likewise for the dental graduates 

Thus, the deans presented 102 Medical and 25 Dental graduates to the Provost who handed them over to the MDCN Registrar. 

The Hippocratic Oath

The MDCN Registrar then conducted the Hippocratic oath asking the new doctors to raise their right hand and input their names as they recite the famous oath. 

I, Doctor…………do sincerely and solemnly declare that as a Registered Medical/Dental Practitioner of Nigeria, I shall exercise the several parts of my profession to the best of my knowledge and ability for the good, safety and welfare of all persons committing themselves to my care and attention, and that I will faithfully obey the rules and regulations of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and all other laws that are made for the control of the medical and dental professions in Nigeria.

I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I WILL GIVE to my teachers the respect and gratitude which are their due; I WILL PRACTISE my profession with conscience and dignity;THE HEALTH OF MY PATIENT WILL BE my first consideration; I WILL RESPECT the secrets which are confided in me, even after the
patient has died; I WILL MAINTAIN by all means in my power the honour and the noble
traditions of the medical (dental) profession; MY COLLEAGUES will be my brothers and sisters; I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient; I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life from the time of
conception; –Even under threat, I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge contrary to
the laws of humanity I MAKE THESE PROMISES solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

After the oath, each inductee signed a paper as written evidence of this exercise.

The Affirmation

Next, the inductees affirmed their oath before the “medical elders” with the sacred items of their faith. The Quran for the Muslims, the Bible for the Christians, and a cutlass for the traditionalists. These items were arranged on a table in the front. The inductees were to file out and touch either one of them to affirm the oath they had sworn.

The Inductees Presentation

After this, the inductees pinned the College of Health Sciences lapel pins for each other. Then the Valedictorian gave his speech talking about the journey so far.- in person of the Classrep of Medicine Dr. Ayodeji Fasina (Echo). The Class reps and assistants classes of both medicine and dentistry then began the presentation of awards to their teachers with a letter of appreciation. 

Most remarkably, the graduating class presented a sum of N300,000 to the College of Health Sciences to furnish the Clinical skills Part 4 lecture theatre. The Provost received this and commended them as the first set of Medical Graduates from the college to give back to the college immediately- at their induction. He also promised that the college would be installing the facilities they donated the project money for within one week.

The College secretary took the vote of thanks for the 42nd OAU medical induction ceremony and wished everyone a safe journey to their locations. She also announced a cocktail at the college for the inductees later. 

You can check out our previous interviews with some of the inductees here.

The Three Bows

The Provost once again conducted this section. He stated that it was a solemn ceremony for the inductees and described how it would go.

1. The first bow to your parents- inductees looked towards the direction where their parents sat down and bowed waist down.

2. The second Bow to your teachers 

3. The final bow to the authorities of OAU seated in front.

The National Anthem & the Great Ife anthem were then sung again

Thus, the ceremony came to a close. The audience left in this order: the Vice Chancellor’s procession, the new doctors, then family, and well-wishers present.

Also, if you are wondering, the award ceremony happens at the convocation, not at the induction ceremony.

Reviews from Other IFUMSAites present

Let’s see what Ifumsaites who attended the 42nd OAU Medical induction ceremony have to say-

This induction was nothing short of thrilling. I’m really going to miss these chiefs. I also see this as a good chance to network and strengthen bonds with as many of them as possible” – Adejola Part 6

It was an awesome event and hopefully, ours would come one day too. – Olufunsho Adekoya part 4 (old)

I am happy for the graduating doctors knowing how stressful medical school is. I feel more motivated to keep pushing because I only have two classes ahead.- Afeez Part 4 (new)

I’m really happy for them and I’m also anticipating the rice and jotters at the reception (lol) we all are.- Stephen Part 3

“it was an inspiring ceremony, and I feel motivated to give Med school my best, so I’ll do my own induction someday” -Tunmise Ogundele Part 3

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