Farewell, Febrile Chiefs! – A Report of IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club’s Send-Forth Ceremony 2022. 

It was a day to remember at the Clinical Skills Lecture Theatre on the 8th of October, 2022, where the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club’s Send-Forth Ceremony went down.

In attendance were the president of IFUMSA, Kolade Adegoke; the Guest Speaker and immediate past Quiz Editor, Dr Omosiate-Ariyo Olayide; the keynote speaker, Dr. (Mrs) Awopeju; The President of ARD OAUTHC, Dr Nana Fayowole; some IQDC members, and other distinguished IFUMSites. Although the program was slated for 9 am, its commencement was stalled for about an hour due to unforeseen reasons.

Eventually, Olofinsao Charity, the immediate past Chairman of the Debate Team, kick-started the program at 10:30 am. He opened the floor by appreciating all those present and introduced the outgoing chiefs.

  • Emmanuel Mbah
  • Salami Adeoye
  • Lawal Sodiq
  • Famokunwa Ayotunde
  • Olamiju Joshua

However, Alabi Hammed, Olatokun Oluwatobi, Ayodeji Ogunleye, and Ogundiran Mayowa were absent.

Charity called out outgoing chiefs in turns to succinctly discuss their experiences in the club and render their parting words. Emphatically, most mentioned that the club offered a platform to build relationships within and outside the club. These chiefs also mentioned that it provided an avenue to improve their knowledge and self-esteem. In addition, they charged junior colleagues to take club activities seriously.

Afterwards, there were addresses from IFUMSA’s president, Kolade Adegoke, IQDC’s president, Badru Muhydeen, and a very comprehensive speech by the Guest Speaker, Omosiate-Ariyo Olayide. The latter charged the outgoing chiefs to leverage opportunities as well as relationships. He also emphasized a holistic outlook in life for all-around fulfilment after med school. In addition, he charged the audience – particularly the outgoing chiefs – to keep advancing in their endeavours, even when their paths seemed vague, as things would clear up later.

Final Quiz Drilling Session (IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club’s Send-Forth)

Next was the ritual final quiz session – arguably the day’s most anticipated event. The moderator, Dr Olayide, split outgoing chiefs into two teams and pitted them against each other. 

  • Salami Adeoye and Ayotunde Famokunwa- Team A
  • Mbah Emmanuel, Lawal Sodiq, and Olamiju Joshua – Team B

A thrilling session of four sections (General Knowledge, General Science, Basic Medical Sciences, and Clinical Sciences) ensued. After two keenly contested sections, Team B breezed past Team A in the latter stages of the quiz. They ended up with a total of 77 points, against Team A’s 41 points. Awards for the competition were presented, and pleasantries were exchanged.

Keynote Speech by Dr (Mrs) Awopeju

The atmosphere soon settled as the keynote speaker, Dr (Mrs) Awopeju, mounted the stage. In about half an hour, she exhaustively dropped her takes on the topic for the day. She began by discussing the gravity of choices. She highlighted, among other things, that choices are what really matter. Not wishes, dreams, and whatnot.

She also mentioned that although we may have a say in our choices, we often cannot choose the consequence of choices. Choices made should be internally-driven and based on familiar value systems – not based on a whim or external validation. Furthermore, she discussed a particularly interesting acronym – “LISTEN”.

  • List Your Goals.
  • Investigate.
  • Significant Others Should Add Value to You.
  • Trust in Divinity.
  • Evaluate Choices, Continuously; Give Room to Flexibility.
  • Network; Nurture Relationships.

Presentation of Awards

Shortly after, the ARD OAUTHC President addressed the audience with an insightful speech – albeit a brief one. This was followed by the presentation of awards of recognition.

Pelumi Sobayo (Assistant General Secretary), Olaitan Komolafe (General Secretary), Kolade Adegoke (President), and Olayide Omosiate-Ariyo (Guest speaker) took turns presenting these awards to the outgoing members. Invited guests received awards of recognition as well.

Lastly, Muoghalu Chineye, the Vice President of IQDC, gave the final remarks. The IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club’s Send-Forth Ceremony ended with a photography session.

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