Personality of the week

Medivoice: Hiiiiii…Can we meet you?

POTW: My name is Alimi Ajibola. I am a fresher in the department of Medicine and Surgery at Obafemi Awolowo University. My nickname is jibobo or jbl, anyone the person wants🤲

Medivoice: Good to have you here, Jibobo😂. You happen to be the first fresher to be featured here. You are welcome to OAU, and more specifically, IFUMSA. So, where do you hail from?

POTW: I hail from Ibadan.

Medivoice: Wawu, the first Ibadan indigene I’m meeting that is so calm and not adding all those “sereren”. That’s cool. Why did you choose medicine in OAU?

POTW: Actually, it’s medicine anywhere for me, I wasn’t particular about the school.

Medivoice: Awon “medicine or nothing else” geng. If medicine never existed, what else would you have chosen?

POTW: Physiotherapy, it’s literally my second love🤣 and yes, I love football too🤣🤲

Medivoice: You sha love anything health..that’s good. What activities do you engage in to pass time?

POTW: Watching movies, I love movies a lot. I read too, just to learn new things. Preferably school books sha.

Medivoice: School books kwa! You must be a Shana o😂😂. Do you have any side hustle and if yes, how do you get to strike a balance?

POTW: I won’t really say a side hustle, I learned graphics and digital marketing for a while but I still want to improve myself before doing anything.

Medivoice: That is a lovely one. Can you share your best experience in OAU, so far?

POTW: The movie night?…yea, I feel it’s the movie night for me.

Medivoice: Wow!! That shows IFUMSA cooked really well. How about your worst experience?

POTW: Nothing yet, I know it’s inevitable though but for now, not at all.

Medivoice: Good answer. Speaking of IFUMSA, how pleased are you with all you have seen and experienced?

POTW: Beyond pleased, I am grateful to be part of this family.

Medivoice: Awwwwwn…I’m blushing on behalf of IFUMSA, What is your biggest pet peeve?

POTW: Lies

Medivoice: I detest those too. So, are you in a relationship?

POTW: Not at all, it’s for the strong🤲

Medivoice: Ewwwweee… are you saying you are weak?

POTW: You can say that. I am a mummy’s boy🤲

Medivoice: Oh, I see. What is your philosophy about life?

POTW: I feel like regardless of everything life throws at us, we should keep holding on, life is a big fight and nobody likes a defeat.

Medivoice: Cool. If you had the attention of the world for 5 minutes what would you say?

POTW: We all should be kind to one another, it’s tough out there.

Medivoice: Yeah, I know right. It is really tough out there and crazy things are happening. Kindness goes a very long way. Do you have any senior colleagues you admire?

POTW: I don’t know a lot for now because I am really reserved but with time by God’s grace.

Medivoice: Lol..surely. College will teach you to relate, wait for it. What area of Medicine would you love to explore?

POTW: Surgery

Medivoice: Niice. You must be Ben Carson inspired. Do you wish to stay in Nigeria and make it better or do you want to japa?

POTW: To be honest, no abeg, I don’t want to stay.🤲😩

Medivoice: I know right. So any last words?

POTW: Thanks for the privilege to be interviewed.

Medivoice: You are very much welcome. Would you love to give a shoutout?

POTW: Shoutout to everyone out there fighting hard and hoping it will get better one day.

Medivoice: Thanks for honoring this interview, I enjoyed it.

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