IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with Stalwarts’ Folarin Torimiro

Can we meet you?

My name is Folarin Torimiro. I am the Manager of the Part 4 class.

Nice to meet you. Could you tell us your view about the IFUMSA football league?

It’s a very fantastic idea. It would help to promote the development of football in IFUMSA.

What are your expectations from your team and the competition as a whole?

I expect us to dominate😅, play some exciting football, score lots of goals, and I would like to see good football throughout this competition.

Your class has won the Wale Okediran competition for two consecutive years now. What effect do you think this has on your team and your team’s mentality currently?

We are a group of guys who know and feel deep down that we can overcome any obstacle on our path to success. We play every match knowing and feeling like the kings we are.

Do you think you can replicate what you’ve done with Wale Okediran in the past two editions in the league? And why?

Yes, with the quality of players that we have, the team spirit, the winner’s mentality, and the support of our amazing classmates. I know we can.❤️

Your first outing is against the most senior class in the league and the team that has won the Wale Okediran more times than you have. What do you expect from the game? What should the fans expect?

It should be a good game.

Thank you for your audience; really looking forward to the game. May the best team win.

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