IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with Excelsiors’ Badru Muhydeen Damilola

Can we meet you?

My name is Badru Muhydeen Damilola. I have been Excelsiors class coach for roughly three years now, serving in Office as the Association’s Director of Sports and IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club Assistant Chairman.

Wow, nice having you here. Could you tell us your view about the IFUMSA football league?

I believe it’s a very brilliant innovation from the Sports Committee. The aim is to improve the quality of football within the faculty. Hopefully, we see the fruits, especially when we are called as an association to partake in outside competitions. For example, the provost cup tipped to hold this year.

Yeah, I must say it is quite a brilliant innovation. So what are your expectations from your team and the competition as a whole?

As the Director of sports, I expect good football from all the teams partaking. We don’t want to see any weak team, just quality all over. As the coach of my class, we as a team want to play the best football within the faculty to win the competition, perform the best, outplay and outsmart everyone. We as a team believe we have the quality to do this; even though we recognize there are all other quality teams within the faculty, we can usurp any.

I love the confidence. Your team had a great wale Okediran outing but a very disappointing final. What do you think went wrong, and what has changed since then?

The only thing that happened in the final was just football. That’s how football is. Things just happen in football sometimes. But in the final, we kind of lost stability after the team captain who was on the line to win the competition’s player of the tournament went down injured in the first half after being 1-0 up. We lost our balance and faced a team that had won the competition before. It showed from their reaction to capitalize on our situation; that was it.

So what should the fans expect from your team in the league this time?

It’s simple, expect positive entertainment. Positive because the team will always drop good performance. Probably one of the teams to look out for in the competition for a high level of quality, grit and tactical solidity.

I am definitely looking out for this team because the confidence is on a high level. So, your first game in the league is against the Unicus team. What are your expectations from your opponents and your team? Do you see your team going with all 3 points from the game?

Unfortunately, our first game will be vs Tenacious. The UNICUS game has been rescheduled due to reasons related to resumption. Regardless, the only thing I can say is that the team is confident and pumped. Hopefully, Tenacious will give us a run for our money and put in a good fight, but we’re confident to “earn” the three full points.

Yeah yeah, your confidence is contagious. May the best team win.

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