IFUMSA Football League: An Interview with Exypnos’s Adewumi Victor

Hello, can we meet you?

My name is Adewumi Victor Olawale, popularly known as Cupid. I am the coach of Part 4 (New) class, Exypnos Medicos.

Nice to meet you. So what is your view about the IFUMSA football league?

The IFUMSA league is a welcome development, a good initiative, and I’m glad it came at a time like this. I believe it will improve interpersonal relationships amongst the classes. At the same time, we can show the whole university that Medicine is not only about books but that we have talents too.

What are your expectations from your team and the competition as a whole?

The objective is clear, and we will show it from the start. We have what it takes to win the league, and we will do just that.

Your first competitive game as the team’s manager was quite disappointing. How do you think your team will respond to it in this tournament?

Well, my first game in charge wasn’t really disappointing. It was a 1-0 loss. My team wasn’t really used to the tactics, but now, it’s a different ball game, and this will start with a statement against our next opponent.

What has changed in the team since then, and what should the fans expect this time around?

A lot has really changed, same players, different mindset. This time around, we mean serious business.

Looking at the quality in your team, the most represented class in the faculty team, do you see yourself going on to win the title?

Sure, IFUMSA has always paraded strong class teams, we may not be the favorite, but we can as well clinch the title. We certainly have the quality to do so, and we’ll do all we can to win it.

Your opener is against Tenacious. What should the fans expect from the game?

The game won’t be short of exciting. It promises to be classy, action-filled, and interesting. Tenacious is a very strong side, too. The fans should expect a cracker.

Great. Thank you for your time. We wish you good luck in the tournament.

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