Meet David Agugo (Antidote) -The ‘Producer Doctor’

David Agugo.

Medivoice: IFUMSAITES of the greatest gbagba! (ASUU hums). This is another sizzling episode of Personality of the week, and most importantly, we have with us (clears throat) David Agugo. Good day. Firstly, can we meet you?

POTW: Sure, I’m David Agugo, popularly known as Antidote. I’m a part 3 medical student of OAU, and I hail from Imo state.

Medivoice: Wow! Imo state! Your alias-Antidote-would make a nice pick-up line, “I am a poison, be my antidote.” We are delighted to have you. Do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA, or you’re a proponent of ‘Ilésanmí dùn J’oyè”?

POTW: Leadership roles? Nah, I got none.

Medivoice: Ohh… you’re from the Ilésanmí school(laughs). What class has been your best so far, where shege did not show face, and why?

POTW: I’ve not had any best class so far yet😅.

Medivoice: I hope you do in the future. What about any worst class, and why?

POTW: Part two. It was a whole lot for me.

Medivoice: Hmm…a whole lot. It seems the narrative is changing from part 4 to part 2, àbí, is this mathematical stuff? Part 2 Log Part 4 base 4 × shege= Part 2× shege, God abeg. which specialty in medicine do you intend to specialize in?

POTW : I’m looking at Plastic Surgery.

Medivoice: Àgbà dọ̀kí! Book lord, Asides medicine what else are you involved in?

POTW: I’m a videographer, video director, and Editor. I do a little bit of music production, in addition to that, I’m also a fitness enthusiast.

Medivoice: God when? God abeg, Am I po(t)a(t)o? What is your favorite book or author, and why?

POTW: My favorite author is Brian Tracy. His books just have a way of keeping me on my feet.

Medivoice: Now, to crush-questions. You’ve got any celebrity crush?

POTW: Yeah, my celebrity crush is definitely Rihanna.

Medivoice: So, Do you have any College crush?

POTW: Lol, I got none.

Medivoice: Senior colleague you admire?

POTW: It’s Max!!! He’s one of the big guys I look up to.

Medivoice: So, what has been your worst experience so far on OAU campus, or roses have always been red, and violets blue?

POTW: The day a lecturer squeezed my exam OMR sheet, and recorded 3 points with it in the dustbin😂. That day wasn’t funny at all😂

Medivoice: The lecturer turned Michael Jordan with your sheet(laughs). Moreover, would you rather read in college library or HSLT or in the coziness of your room?

POTW: It depends, if I’m trying to get something on my own, I’d stay in my room. But if it’s exam period, it’ll be HSLT because there could be random discussions or revision with people around from time to time.

Medivoice: So, steeplechase or Viva, which do you prefer?

POTW: I prefer Viva.

Medivoice: Next, give us a fun fact about you.

POTW: Fun fact yeah, I have written, produced and shot my own music video by myself 😅

Medivoice: Amazing! MedSchool peeps are damn dynamic, God! So, Your dream country for vacation:

POTW: My dream country for Vacation is Brazil 🥹.

Medivoice: Oyaa! Straight to “Terra da Santa Cruz.” Tell us Your perception about life:

POTW: My perception about life is, “life isn’t really as hard as we make it seem. Once you understand somethings are beyond your control, you’d worry less.”

Medivoice: Going forward, is there anyone you want to shout out to?

POTW: Shout out to my dawg, The 3-in-1 entertainer MC Kay. He’s a real one!!!🤞

Medivoice: Furthermore, are you in a romantic relationship, or you still reside in the US (United singledom)?

POTW: I’m in a relationship, but it’s not romantic yet😂💔

Medivoice: So, you are not residing in the US (United Singledom) again. That’s nice.

Medivoice: Ifumsaites! Ifumsaites!!…This is Medivoice over. Another man is down(not romantic yet), over. IFUMSAITES: Roger. Medivoice: Do you copy? IFUMSAITES: Copy 5 out of 5.
Finally, do you have any message for IFUMSAITEs?

POTW: Always trust the process.

Medivoice: Dear IFUMSAITES, use the phrase from the wise to hold body till you meet another personality of the week, probably you. However, stay cheeky and jiggy.

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