Meet Ayubi -Our ailurophilic doctor.

Medivoice: You might just be wondering. It’s been a while since the last personality of the week episode from Medivoice or…Oh well, we are back again in style💪, with another fabulous and incredible episode, where we will like you to meet our cool guest, ‘Ayubi’ of the Unicus class. So Ayubi, can we meet you?

POTW: Alright, my name is Muhammed Ayub; A third-year medical student of OAU; I hail from Osun state, and I go by the nickname-Ayubi.

Medivoice: Wow, that’s amazing! You must really love Osun state to have picked your institution of higher studies within her(chuckles). Do you have any leadership roles within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes, I do…outside IFUMSA though… I am the Assistant General Secretary/pre-clinical coordinator of the Ife Muslim Health Students’ association (IMHSA).

Medivoice: Nice! So, how would you describe yourself?

POTW: “I’m just that guy you know”🤣…but I can say I’m a nice, jovial, smart, and approachable individual.

Medivoice: I could say the same about you, the approachability part to be precise(smiles). Moving on to the next question, who is your role model/personal hero?

POTW: If I mention Dr Ben Carson, I hope IFUMSAITES won’t come for my head, lol…I don’t have a role model.

Medivoice: You are probably the only medical student in the cosmos that does not take Ben Carson as a role model😅. So, what speciality are you looking forward to?

POTW: I haven’t decided yet.

Medivoice: Well there is still a lot of time to decide that. Aside from medicine, what else is Ayubi involved in?

POTW: Medicine😄🙂.

Medivoice: Great! It’s Medicine or Medicine or Medicine😄. Which do you prefer- a book, a movie, or a theatre play?

POTW: A movie

Medivoice: Movie lovers, meet one of your peeps😄. What is your favourite book or author and why?

POTW: I don’t read that much, so I can’t say. 

Medivoice: Alright. Do you have a celebrity crush? 

POTW: I have none.

Medivoice: How about a college crush? 

POTW: None.

Medivoice: Really? Glad to know humans like us without crushes still exist😅.What about (a) senior colleague(s) you admire? 

POTW: Falokun Oluwatobiloba(WOF), Badru Muhydeen, Abdulhakeem Abubakar, and a few others.

Medivoice: Nice list you’ve got there. Are you in any way in a romantic relationship? (coughs)

POTW: Of course, with medicine(😉).

Medivoice: The heart is all occupied with medicine 😄, That’s nice! Moreover, would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

POTW: An introvert.

Medivoice: Alright. Furthermore, do you enjoy group study or do you prefer to study on your own?

POTW: I prefer to study alone.

Medivoice: Cool! Moving on to the next, what are you most proud of?

POTW: Being a Muslim and a medical student😌.

Medivoice: They are indeed things to be proud of. What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?

POTW: My level of communication with people.

Medivoice: Quite a few introverts have the same quirk. A fun fact about you?

POTW: I love cats.

Medivoice: Wow, our cat-loving doctor. In continuation, do you have a dream country for vacation?

POTW: Maybe, UK.

Medivoice: Good to hear that. We hope you do not forget Medivoice when you eventually get there, lol. To the next, What’s your perception of life?

POTW: Don’t stress about the things that have missed you, for if they were destined to be yours, they’ll get to you.

Medivoice: A wonderful perception you’ve got that will ease life on Earth. What question do you always want people to ask you about yourself?

POTW: Hmm, I’ve got none. Any question anyone has to ask, I should be able to answer.

Medivoice: Alright, that’s fine. Give a Shoutout.

POTW: Well shout-out to my classmates. I just want to tell them that no matter the prevailing situations we might be facing now, we’ll pull through and emerge victorious, God’s willing.

Medivoice: I’m sure this will leave grins on the faces of the members of the Unicus class.In conclusion, do you have any final words for Medivoice?

POTW: I just want to say a big thank you to Medivoice for this opportunity to be interviewed, and I pray God continues to strengthen you guys on this noble stride. Thanks.

Medivoice: You are most welcome. And here, awesome readers is where the curtain will be drawn till our next episode of the personality of the week. I implore you to stay healthy and take good care of yourselves🤩.

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