Meet Opeyemi Dorcas of The Invictus Class

Opeyemi Dorcas with a daunting smile.

On today’s episode of Personality of the Week, we’ll be meeting the ever-efficient assistance class rep of the Invictus Class, Opeyemi Dorcas Ehindero. She is known as a Queen in her realm, a pretty woman with a daunting smile.

MediVoice: Hello Dorcas, we would love to meet you, shall we?

Opeyemi Dorcas: My name is Opeyemi Dorcas Ehindero. I am a Part 1 Medical Student. As a person who values relationships with people, I always try to bring ‘A-Game’ to wherever I am.

MediVoice: I see, always ready and prepared. Well, how have been your stay at Obafemi Awolowo University?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Life in OAU has always been a rollercoaster. We never know what to expect but I try as much as possible to enjoy the ride.

MediVoice: Rollercoaster, right? 😂 I can relate. Aside from the usual sophisticated Dorcas that we know, who are you in your realm?

Opeyemi Dorcas: I am a woman of many things. A poet, a writer, and an entrepreneur. My love for sports has made me the Sports Secretary and a member of the IFUMSA Female Football Team. Likewise, I am a member of Cardio Health because of my keen interest in volunteering.

MediVoice: Wow. You’re indeed a woman of many things. But, with all these involvements in extracurriculars, do you have any fear of how the coming college life would be?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Actually, the nervousness can’t but set in sometimes. So, if there’s any way to minimize the shege, then I’d gladly walk it.

MediVoice: Miss Dorcas, you seem to be known for having a good sense of fashion, do you think that part of you would be affected by the coming years of shege as you described?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Well, dressing up for me is therapeutic and I really love it. So, that won’t change.

MediVoice: That is really nice. Even the years of shege wouldn’t reduce your steeze. 😂 Do you hold any political positions in IFUMSA?

Opeyemi Dorcas: I currently serve as the Assistant Class Representative for my class.

MediVoice: How has it been taking on the role so far?

Opeyemi Dorcas: It is one of my best decisions yet. I have learned to be a better person and how to work under pressure. The best part is my classmates are very supportive, so it makes it easy.

MediVoice: Do you have any issues working with the class rep?

Opeyemi Dorcas: No. We work well together, as a team. Besides, he makes working with him enjoyable.

MediVoice: What are your coping mechanisms when you get choked up with the responsibilities?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Deep breaths. I take them to unwind and relax and I tell my closest friends.

MediVoice: When you were coming to OAU, did you plan to engage in any political positions?

Opeyemi Dorcas: No. As I said earlier, I love serving and volunteering. So, when I saw an opportunity to serve and deliver, I took it.

MediVoice: Brilliant! 🤭 Now, Part 1 remains just a month, what do you think of your stay and wish you knew better?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Being here has been great, I’m a better person than I used to be but, no one told me time flies so quickly. I guess I know now.

MediVoice: Oh, time, the element of surprise. Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to for making your stay memorable?

Opeyemi Dorcas: Anyone? This is tough. 😂 I would like to say a big thank you to my best friend, the class rep, and INVICTUS as a whole. I found a family. ✨

MediVoice: Is there a senior in college you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Opeyemi Dorcas: My school dad. Oladapo Moses Olugbenga (Opa Moses) always believes in me and encourages me to do my best even when I feel I can’t.

MediVoice: Any word for the readers to always keep them going?

Opeyemi Dorcas: I would say to always enjoy each day as it comes, create memories with people around you, and never give up.

MediVoice: And, it’s a wrap! Your last words are the perfect words of encouragement to live through the years of shege. It was so nice having you, Miss Dorcas! 😊

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