Meet Tobi Alimi aka TOBBIE – An Award Winning Essayist

Dear esteemed readers, welcome. On this edition of Medivoice’s Writer’s Interview, our guest is one of our brilliant writers of the club, Tobi Alimi, an award-winning essayist, artist, reporter, and more.

Let’s delve into it.

Hello! Good day, I’m DammyCOKER from Medivoice, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Alimi Azeez Oluwatobi. My pen name is TOBBIE. I’m a medical student and a member of the Magna Medico class. And people say I’m a writer.

You have written some articles and stories for Medivoice. Can you tell us more about your work?

Yes, I belong to the news section of the club and am one of the reporters for live events. I am also an award-winning essayist—the 1st runner-up of the 2023 Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ) Essay Competition. I was also shortlisted in the Medivoice Papyrus Essay Competition.  

Wow! That is impressive, how did you get into writing, and what is your motivation?

Well, I don’t know what exactly got me into writing space. I know for sure I love reading novels. Perhaps, that’s what drew me into this space. Back in secondary student, It was weird borrowing books from my friends in Arts class (books like Faceless), as I was a science student. But I got interested in Chimammanda’s books, and I loved everything about them ranging from the stories, the characters’ descriptions, and the word placement. Her works inspired my writing.

Interesting! Has your writing evolved, and are there personal experiences that influence your writing?

Yes, of course. As one who writes essays and wants to win every single contest, I just know I have to improve. Consistent writing has helped to sharpen my skills, as well as reading winning essays which has also influenced me positively.

Who’s your favorite Author and why?

Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie. The way she writes without using unnecessarily big words is so beautiful. I just love how she plays around with small and common words, unlike some authors I would not mention.

Okay, so are there other skills or hobbies you have aside from writing?

Well, aside from writing, I used to draw before medical school. But now, I read novels.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have received as a writer?

The most valuable advice would be one I received recently from a stranger after a post on my WhatsApp status. A friend of mine in another university reposted it and one of his mates replied that I should open a blog or website where more people can access my content. That made me so happy because out of the other comments I received, that was the one that struck me.

Being an OAU student is not an easy feat, staying in medical school is another tedious journey, how do you manage being a med student and exploring your writing skills?

Getting into Med school was not easy. However, I find medical school not as hard as I perceived before admission. Joining Medivoice also helped to reinforce that balance. I mean, they are medical students like me (in fact, some members are distinction students) and they still always find time to write too. I mainly write when I’m not preparing for exams, especially when it’s within days.

Are there challenges you experience as a writer, and how do you overcome them?

Yes, there are especially in essay writing. I don’t win a lot, and it’s one thing I want to work on. So, I spoke to some of my bosses, and they have helped me push through. I believe I am ready to fill the shoes of an “Award Winning Essayist”

How did you get into Medivoice and what does Medivoice mean to you?

I saw the recruitment notice, got interested, and applied. Medivoice is a big deal to me honestly. I love the club so much, and it is the only club in IFUMSA that has accepted me with my flaws and values.

Aww. What is your advice to upcoming writers?

Just like my E.I.C. says, Continue Writing!

Wonderful! Do have any special shoutouts?

My shoutout goes to WOF (whose pieces brighten my mood), AbdulBasit-Barddoc (whose pieces constantly motivate me), and to my E.I.C (Jhay), Somi, Simi, Safiyyah, Favour, Lord_dammy, and everyone. I love you guys.

Wow! That was a lovely time. Thank you for joining us on this episode, I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I did. I can’t wait to unveil our next guest.

Till next time, just like our EIC says, Keep writing!

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