A Report of the Bamidele ati Odunayo COHS’ Drama

College life is usually to be dull and routine. Statements like “The provost has organized a colloquium” and “College presidents called for an urgent meeting” are common. Activities like inaugural lectures and health weeks felt constant and boring. There was almost nothing thrilling to unite the students.

But then, someone noticed this hidden flaw and acted on it. This visionary exposed the issue and worked to bring change. They directed a drama featuring college students as the actors. The result? It was brilliant and engaging. Don’t you want to know how it all turned out?

The Event

On the 7th of June, a drama directed by Amarachi Godswill-Nwankwo, was about to be unleashed by 4:00pm. 

Oh, lest i forget, the Nigerian time was taken into full effect. 

At 4:00pm, the pulchritudinous receptionists warmly welcomed all viewers. And as the attendee ushered themselves in with their Romeo/Juliet of course, the DJ spun hot tracks which without doubt, electrified the atmosphere.

At 5:00pm, the Masters of Ceremonies or should I say masters of drama? Because why not? They orchestrated laughter of diverse degree on the faces of the viewers. In between, the director gave a welcome address. 

At 6:00pm, the play started. Shhh, don’t shout. I warned you before now.

The Story

The story was a modification of the popular Romeo and Juliet story. Yes, instead of the feuding families of Verona, the drama encapsulates the rivalry between Ile-Ife and IgboUgbo. Beyond that, it showcases how love can bring peace and harmony between two feuding cities. 

Odunayo, a perfervid dancer from Ile-Ife was betrothed, by her father, to a proud man. Pardon me, a hubristic man named Jokotola without her consent. In between comes in a rather handsome man; gentle, not too egoistic, not too tall, not too fair, not too fat, not too thin just rotating around these perfections. His name is Bamidele. 

Bamidele was a spy from IgboUgbo sent to gather intel in Ile-Ife but instead found Odunayo. 

As expected, things didn’t go well between Jokotola and Odunayo. 

Who was going to hear of this abomination? Who exactly is going to chill and understand this taboo? What do mean Odunayo is seeing another man? Not just a man but a spy? 

Jokotola , in the course of the drama, unravelled to Odunayo’s parents that their daughter has been seeing Bamidele from IgboUgbo town. 

Odunayo’s father didn’t take this lightly.

In the midst of trying to escape her unwanted betrothal, Odunayo married Bamidele few days to her betrothal ceremony to Jokotola. The plot thickens when Jokotola discovers their forbidden wedding, leading to a dramatic showdown and a “death” potion that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Laughter, hope, and intense interest erupted suddenly from the underground filling each viewer’s belly as the truth unfolds that the supposed death portion was nothing but a sleeping portion. Jokotola’s (the mastermind behind the whole death-turn-into-sleeping portion, with the intention of killing Bamidele only) apprehension and imprisonment showcases justice. Peace also resurrected between Ile-Ife and IgboUgbo. All thanks to the beautiful love story. 

More than just drama, college lecturers mingled with students, paints of vibrant colours beautified already radiant faces and the aroma of popcorn and fruit punch filled the air.  A final photography session captured the joy and camaraderie of the evening, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories.

In conclusion, Bamidele ati Odunayo was amazing as it shows the other aspect of college students. It tells a story that college students are more than just academics. And even in the midst of pressure of passing exams there is still room for a little bit of drama (and a whole lot of fun)! 

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