Hey You. IFUMSAITE. It’s Your First-Ever “Love-Letter”

Happy new month,

I bring you quintessential greetings from the Quintessential IFUMSA. I’m hoping you’ve been good, eh? How was August? I hope your exams have been great? Have you been hitting your study goals?

Also important: have you reviewed your progress in the past month? Oya, don’t let your shoulders droop. It’s work o, this goal-setting thing. But it pays. And you can only do better if you’re aware of the areas you need to work on. To give yourself a pat on the back, you can reward yourself too! Imagine how you’ll feel eating delicious shawarma you’ve earned after working so hard for hours or days on end. Can you see it’ll taste different? Now you’re getting the gist.

Don’t tell me you’ve been too busy working hard that you’ve forgotten to have some fun! You and I know good fun is…well, good. As much as you’re studying and working hard to achieve your dreams, you’ve got to let yourself breathe and have fun too! That’s a prerequisite for a balanced life – and a good mental health.

Whether or not you achieved your goals last month, you have another chance to go at it again. It’s SEPTEMBER (I’m tempted to say “September to Remember” but it sounds too cliché, so I won’t say it). It’s a new month and here is another chance to try again and crush your goals.

You must be thinking, “What’s this Quintessential Fairy doing in my mail?”

Well… (Unrolls parchment).


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