43rd Induction Ceremony:Achievements’ Symphony

The 43rd induction ceremony

It is in the tradition of alpine travelers to celebrate their milestones, however small, but the 43rd induction ceremony was a celebration of reaching the zenith of an alp. A witness of grandeur for the audience. An indelibly incredible cosmos moments for the Excelsiors Fortis-the inductees.

The beginning

The program began at 10am-the slated time- with the students entering singly, one after one. Stakeholders of the University, and particularly the College also entered in their traditional academic regalia. Parents, and well wishers from near, and far, filled Oduduwa hall before the long hand signified half past ten. The PRO of the university instructed those manning the entrances to take no further entries, as the hall was already filled to the mouth. Also, to prevent the inductees from channeling their inner Hippocrates during the course of the ceremony as a result of whatever might occur due to overcrowding.

Dignitaries at the event

Further, the ball of the induction ceremony was not only rolling in the court of the inductees alone. Dignitaries also graced the occasion. An alumnus, Dr. Henry Akukuenye came on behalf of the Chairman of the Medical, and dental council of Nigeria (MDCN). The Provost, Prof. Babatope Kolawole; the Deans of the faculties of Clinical Sciences; Dentistry, and Basic Medical Sciences were of course present. Dr. Akin Akomolafe represented Dr. John Okeniyi, the CMD of OAUTHC. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Yomi Daramola came on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Simeon Bamire. Besides, the Chairpersons of Nigerian Medical Association(NMA), Nigerian Dental Association(NDA), and Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN) were also in attendance.

A relay of awe-inspiring speeches

Consequently, awe-inspiring speeches from excellent wordsmiths, and word miners filled the major part of the event. The event began with a speech from the Provost, Prof. Babatope Kolawole. He commended the newly-baked doctors for going through fire, and coming out purified, like gold. While he congratulated their parents, and guardians, he urged them to consecrate their lives to the service of humanity. He also implored them to keep in touch, and contribute to the development of the college.

Moreover, Dr. Komolafe bore the standard of oratory after the Provost on behalf of the CMD. He pledged the support of the hospital to the training of both undergraduate, and postgraduate students. He also trod the path of the provost in congratulating the inductees, and their parents. Prof. Yomi Daramola followed suit with a speech on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. He appreciated the constant support of the alumni association and took the baton of congratulating the parents, and the inductees. Dr. Henry Akukuenye, the representative of MDCN recounted his years as medical student. He however advised the inductees not to japa with visiting visa. Other golden advises also fell from his mouth, before he wheeled the induction ceremony to its essence.

Oath taking: Induction proper

The Deans of the faculties of Clinical Sciences, and Dentistry presented the doctors for induction. And Dr. Henry administered the Hippocratic oath to the 113 doctors of the Excelsiors Fortis, and 29 doctors from the Dental class. They all swore in the name of the Beneficent God. They flexed their heads to give successive bows to the institution, their teachers, their parents, and guardians. Then, they shook the hands of their teachers, and their licenses were scheduled by MDCN to drop by 12:30pm.

Meanwhile, they were also welcomed into the profession by the Chairpersons of the medical, and dental associations. Dr. Adesanmi declared them members of the alumni association on behalf of Prof. Mapayi, the chairman of ARC.

Valedictorians’ speeches and awards

As the sun of the induction ceremony was about to set, the valedictorians of both classes delivered excellently chronicled speeches. Awards immediately followed with Dr. Obuekwe Chukwuemeka emerging as the overall best graduating student of the 2023 medical class, and Dr. AbdulAzeez Ayobami emerging in the 2023 dental class. MWAN also awarded the overall best female inductees in each class, and Dr. Ogbogu Ugbenna emerged in the 2023 medical class.


The college’s musical band sheathed the sword of the induction ceremony inside Oduduwa hall with songs of dynamic genres. However, it only signified its beginning outside. The feast began outside at the canopies dotted at different locations on campus. Junior colleagues also launched the traditional routine of hunting for rice to rise.

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we wish our Excelsiors Chiefs success in their future endeavors. May the Stalwarts chiefs be here next year, untruncated, unchipped and unfragmented.

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