An Interview with Presidential aspirant: Atoyebi Evelyn

Readers! It is the season of elections for IFUMSA, and IFUMSAites alike. A time where leaders, and representatives are elected to register a new beginning, and build on past achievements. It is on the above note that, Medivoice is indefatigably keen on updating you as things unfold. And guess what? We present to you an interview with a presidential aspirant. Sit back! Grab your cup of water! Read!

Medivoice: Good evening. Kindly introduce yourself to IFUMSAites. Your name? Class? The Position you are contesting for ,and other important details that we need to know?

Atoyebi Evelyn: Hello, I am Atoyebi Evelyn Temidayo, a member of the 500-level class. I am an aspirant for the position of President of our association. I believe in service, compassion, and honesty.

Medivoice: Great! Can you describe your journey through Medical School,and as an IFUMSAite.

Atoyebi Evelyn: Hmm… My Journey through Medical School has been an interesting one, considering the rigors and the stress of medical School alongside working towards becoming a well-rounded individual. The years are pregnant with learning, unlearning, questioning, and doing.

Medivoice: Interesting! So, what prompted your decision to run for the Presidential seat this year?

Atoyebi Evelyn: My decision to run for the Presidential seat was borne out of my desire to make lasting impacts, a substantial difference, and effect change. I served concurrently in 2 different administrations, and worked with capable hands and brilliant minds. I realized that there was still more to be done. Besides,I believe in my capacity to perform admirably.

Medivoice: Wow! Your prompts are rich. What three fundamental values do you uphold, and how do you anticipate that they will contribute to the advancement of this association?

Atoyebi Evelyn: Under my administration, Equity and Fairness will be paramount. We’ll ensure fair representation for IFUMSAites, irrespective of class, gender, religion, or political affiliations in all committees and appointments. Unity will be a priority, ensuring inclusivity for all classes and eliminating any feelings of exclusion. Additionally, we shall eradicate the discrimination between preclinical and clinical students further emphasizing the ONE IFUMSA MOVEMENT.

Medivoice: Can you describe your most pivotal win in your last leadership role within or outside IFUMSA?

Atoyebi Evelyn: Absolutely! A win that stood out for me during my tenure as Vice President was when eventually, we were able to get a reduction in the College Professional Fee, despite how difficult and seemingly impossible it appeared. This I believe would ease the financial burden on IFUMSAites. It’s a really Big Win.

Medivoice: IFUMSAites saw the win. However,how would you describe your vision for IFUMSAites, and what specific goals do you hope to achieve?

Atoyebi Evelyn: As I stated earlier, my decision was borne out of my desire to make an impact; a difference, and effect change. I served concurrently in 2 different administrations, and worked with capable hands and brilliant minds. I realized that there was still more to be done. Besides, I believe in my capacity to do a very good job.

Medivoice: Your quest to make an impact; a difference, and effect change is appreciable. What is (are) the first thing(s) you plan to achieve in your first month if you get the leadership mantle?

Atoyebi Evelyn: First, I’d like to launch the IFUMSA Feedback System to hear from IFUMSAites on things to improve on. We’re going to be allowing IFUMSAites to have an insight and a part in how the administration is run. Also, all classes are fully in session and we would be restructuring the class academic committees. We shall ensure that the senior colleagues involved in these committees help mentor their junior ones. I want a situation where we would be consistently recording at least 95% pass in every class.

Medivoice: What sets you apart from the other candidate running for this seat and why should IFUMSAITES trust you?

Atoyebi Evelyn: I am running for this position dedicatedly with the sole purpose of serving IFUMSAites. My commitment lies in selfless leadership, devoid of personal ambitions or selfish gains. My track record within the Association speaks volumes about my dedication. IFUMSA can trust that their best interests will always be my priority. Together, we can achieve greater heights. Also,I am eager to contribute to the positive growth and well-being of our association.

Medivoice: Do you see yourself becoming the first elected female president of IFUMSA?

Atoyebi Evelyn: “I didn’t intend to run for the purpose of becoming the first female President. That is not my focus now. My priority lies in serving IFUMSAites rather than seeking personal recognition.”

Medivoice: Awesome! How do you plan to leave IFUMSA better than you met it?

Atoyebi Evelyn: Capacity building for every IFUMSAite. Also, Inclusivity so that no IFUMSAite, or Class is left out. Retaining Sustainability plans for all our Projects and Policies.

Medivoice: We wish every candidate success. In the event that you do not secure victory, can the association confidently expect your continued support and assistance?

Atoyebi Evelyn: The primary goal is the success of both IFUMSAites and IFUMSA. I am consistently committed to ensuring the smooth functioning, and the advancement of our Association.

Medivoice: Any final words for IFUMSAites?

Atoyebi Evelyn: It’s time to rally as ONE and drive our association to greater heights. Let’s lock arms, but I’m throwing it out there—I’m itching to steer the ship as your President, the chief-servant-in charge. Are you in? Thanks, everyone.

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