Meet Esther Afolabi from the Stalwarts Class

Medivoice: It’s that time again when the sun in its magnificence comes out to do one thing. It didn’t come to provide light or to showcase its splendour. It came to pick out our Personality Of The Week for today. So, can we meet you, Ye chosen one?

POTW: I’m Esther Afolabi. I’m in 500L and I’m from Ogun state.

Medivoice: Oh wow! Ogun State. I’m also from there. You know, they say the best people on Earth come from there. I definitely didn’t make that up. Anyway, how has the penultimate year in school been?

POTW: It’s been an experience. I get to appreciate medicine and its application better, yunno, the practical aspect of all the stuff we learn.

Medivoice: Next question, do you hold any office within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes. I’m the current general secretary of CMDA OAUTHC students.

Medivoice: I salute Madam GS. If I may ask, why Medicine?

POTW: This is where God wants me to be really. I love that it’s a really noble profession, and it’s quite wide, so you get to find your niche.

Medivoice: Indeed, saving lives is as noble as it gets. But if you weren’t pursuing this noble course, what else? 

POTW: Mathematics. Definitely.

Medivoice: A doctor who loves numbers, that’s an awesome combination. Moving on, has Med school been up to your expectations?

POTW: Well, not every time. I was told Medicine wasn’t an easy course before getting into it, so I guess it met that expectation in a way, lol.

Medivoice: Lol, it’s meeting all my expectations, in that case. But let’s put a pause on the Med school talk. When you’re not being a student, what can we find you doing?

POTW: Volunteering, doing leadership and serving God. I also surf the net a lot, watch YouTube, chat and read books.

Medivoice: Volunteering and Leadership. It seems you’re really interested in helping the future generation. Still on that note, if you could leave a note for your future self, what will you tell her?

POTW: “Hey girl. He who brought you this far, isn’t about to leave you. You’ve got this”.

Medivoice: I might just have to steal your note for myself for now. “I’ve got this.” Anyway, you seem like a very fun person Esther, can you tell us 3 fun facts about yourself? 

POTW: 1. I love designs (interiors, architecture, graphics, name it!)

2. I also love cartoons and will pick it over a movie.

3. I’m an outgoing person but I kinda like it when I don’t have to go out (I think I did something with the words here. What dyu call that word play again? Hehehe.)

Medivoice: You had me at “I love cartoons.” I can relate to your ‘word play’. After all, no law states that an outgoing person has to love going out, right? Onto the next question, Is there any senior colleague you admire?

POTW: Victoria Shittu, Tolu Egbeeye, Ayobolu, Favour, Omodara, and Muteeat.

Medivoice: Which celebrity do you look forward to seeing?

POTW: Don Moen, Priscilla Shirer, and Ezinne Zara.

Medivoice: So, Esther Afolabi, I’ve asked about senior colleagues and celebrities you admire. Now, it is time to ask the main question that has brought us here together: are you in any romantic relationship?

POTW: No, I’m not.

Medivoice: Well, dear readers, since the most important question has been answered, we’ve come to the end of the interview. I’m just kidding, Now that we’ve received your answer, I’m sure our readers will love to know more about Esther Afolabi. So, would you rather see a movie or read a book?

POTW: Read a book.

Medivoice: I wonder what your favourite book is?

POTW: It’s hard to choose. I have a couple of them.

Medivoice: Ikr, why have a favourite when you can have favourites? There’s so much to choose from. Moving on, since you love leadership, if you were president of the world for a day, what change will you make?

POTW: I’ll make sure people with good hearts, and willing and able hands occupy positions and make good things happen.

Medivoice: That’s a very virtuous plan. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become president of the world. Talking about the future, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

POTW: Being where God wants me to be.

Medivoice: Looking back, has Med school been worth it?

POTW: Yes.

Medivoice: I’m sure it’s been quite a ride. So, is there anyone from your journey you’d love to give a shoutout to?

POTW: So, shoutout to the Stalwarts class, CMDA, IQDC, my friends and family here.

Medivoice: Lastly, any final words for Medivoice?

POTW: Awwww! You guys are amazing. Well done!

Medivoice: Thank you very much for your time, Esther Afolabi. We wish you the best in your endeavours. You can reach out to Esther on her social media: IG: est_elle_enny or Linkedin: Esther Afolabi

So, we’ve come to the end of the interview for real this time. Thank you for sticking with us to the end. Don’t forget to like, comment and share. Also, to read more about our POTW, click on this link. Until next time!

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