Interview With Oladipupo Ayomipo – Welfare Secretary Aspirant

In the spirit of the upcoming IFUMSA elections, MediVoice is committed to bringing you vital news ensuing in this pivotal period. Consequently, here is our interview with a welfare secretary aspirant:

Medivoice: Hello, can you introduce yourself to IFUMSAITES? (Name, class, position you’re contesting for, and any other important thing we need to know).

Ayomipo: Hi, I’m Oladipupo Ayomipo Mary, new 400level and I’m contesting for the office of the Welfare Secretary

Medivoice: Can you recount to MediVoice what the roles of a welfare officer within IFUMSA are?

Ayomipo: The major role of the welfare Secretary is to be in charge of the general welfare of IFUMSA, this includes mental, social and academic welfare.

Medivoice: Are there specific reasons you vied for this position and not others? Would you mind sharing?

Ayomipo: Yes, I have noticed previous holders of this office underutilized it for a while. I want to approach things differently

Medivoice: How do you envision addressing the diverse needs of our association members through the role of the welfare secretary?

Ayomipo: I’ll start by working with the welfare committees of each class to identify the needs of IFUMSAites. Then, I’ll work with different executives to solve these problems.

For example, work hand-in-hand with IFUMSA Care team to attend to mental health issues. 

Medivoice: Furthermore, how do you plan to foster a sense of inclusivity and support for all members, considering potential differences in age, background, and personal circumstances?

Ayomipo: I’ll do this by establishing an anonymous feedback system where members can air their opinions and concerns without the fear of being judged. 

Medivoice: How would you approach identifying and resolving emerging welfare issues in our association?

Ayomipo: It’s going to be a collaborative effort, including all the class reps, IFUMSA welfare committee and the faculty welfare board.

Medivoice: Can you provide examples of initiatives or programs you have successfully implemented in the past to enhance the well-being of a community or group?

Ayomipo: I recently represented my class at the level of the college leadership to relay the concerns of the class, and they met our needs.

I also served as a member of the LOC for a major program in IHAC. We organized this program to enlighten students about lifestyle practices and the effects of bleaching. 

Medivoice: Judging from previous IFUMSA governments and their shortcomings, what are you bringing in to better alleviate the welfare of IFUMSAITES?

Ayomipo: This time I’m not waiting till the end of each session to distribute welfare packages. I’m going to be working with the class reps, welfare committee to cater for the academic, mental well-being of IFUMSAites.

Also, I will be working with the directors of social and sports committees to organize stress-relief activities. In addition, I plan to organize food drives for IFUMSAites. 

Medivoice: Can you share your approach to handling confidential and sensitive information related to the well-being of our members?

Ayomipo: We will transfer confidential and sensitive information through a closed -chain of command. It will involve the class rep to the welfare secretary and to the president. We’ll also ensure to protect the privacy of each member. 

Medivoice: What advantage do you think you have over your competitors?

Ayomipo: I see myself as an approachable person and I can work with people to make things happen. My passion for service is an added advantage. I’ve been actively involved in IFUMSA since I joined the association. 

Medivoice: Any last words for IFUMSAITES?

Ayomipo: Trust me to cater for your wellbeing and I promise not to let you down. Vote Ayomipo for Welfare Secretary.

Medivoice: Thank you for your time Ayomipo. Finally, thank you Medivoice readers for staying to the end. For more aspirants interviews, click here

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