An Interview with Abiola Mustapha – Treasurer Aspirant

In the spirit of the upcoming IFUMSA elections, MediVoice is committed to bringing you vital news ensuing in this pivotal period. Consequently, here is our interview with a treasurer aspirant:

Medivoice: Can you introduce yourself to IFUMSAites stating your name, class, aspired position and any other thing you would like us to know about you?

Abiola: My name is Mustapha Beauty Abiola, a 200-level student. I’m vying for the post of Treasurer. I am a member of Ifumsa Health Awareness Club(IHAC), the publicity team for IFUMSA Health Week, Doctor Plus Publicity and the Class Social Committee. I am a social media person as well.

Medivoice: Abiola, you are vying for the position of Treasurer in IFUMSA. Can you recount to Medivoice what the roles of a treasurer within IFUMSA are?

Abiola: According to the IFUMSA constitution, the roles of the treasurer include: being responsible for banking the money of IFUMSA within 3 working days of receipt of such money, being one of the signatories in all financial matters except stated otherwise in the constitution, being the only officer responsible for issuing cheques for withdrawal of money from the association’s bank account except as stated otherwise in the constitution, working with the financial secretary to keep a record of all financial transactions, collaborating with the President and Financial Secretary for good financial management, notifying the bank of the change in executives and completing the necessary proceedings thereof, keepan imprest account of not more than five thousand naira at a time.

Medivoice: Good to know. Have you had any prior leadership experience within or outside IFUMSA?

Abiola: No, I haven’t but I’m working on it. That’s why I’m a member of a few organizations and with time, I’ll attain a leadership position. However, in my local assembly, I was the treasurer of a particular group. I made sure I documented every money. Also, I made sure there was budget for everything to reduce unnecessary spending. In the end, I ensured I used the money for what it was budgeted for.

Medivoice: Would you say you’re great at managing money? Especially a lot of money that is put into your care?

Abiola: Yeah, I can boldly say I am great at that. If I had not, I wouldn’t have applied for the position.

Medivoice: Great. If elected into the office of Treasurer, can you enlighten us on your agenda for the association?

Abiola: If elected, I will focus onImproving our budgeting processes for more effective resource allocation, enhancing financial reporting to provide timely and accurate information to all members. My predecessor hosted an event early this year – Smart Doctor 1.0, I look forward to having the 2nd edition.

Medivoice: What do you anticipate would be the greatest challenge in achieving your goals in office and how do you plan to combat them?

Abiola: Resources would be the most challenging aspect and to combat that, I’ll seek sponsorships and partnerships. In terms of sponsorships, I would reach out to some organizations (not necessarily for financial support). And also, IFUMSA has strong alumni who are always willing to support.

Medivoice: How do you plan to balance your academic work with your role as Treasurer if elected?

Abiola: To balance both, I need to be able to manage my time effectively. To do this, firstly, I have to set my priorities right- knowing when to read and when to perform my responsibilities. Also, having a day-to-day schedule helps maximize the day. With this, I’ll know what I’m supposed to be doing at a point in time.

Medivoice: How do you plan to ensure that IFUMSAites pay their annual dues promptly?

Abiola: I plan to enhance accountability and transparency regarding the utilization of annual dues, as some members may not pay due to a lack of awareness about the fund’s purpose. Regular updates on the expenditure of dues will give members insight into how their contributions are being utilized, fostering a greater willingness to pay.

Medivoice: Do you see yourself getting along with other members of the Executive Council and other IFUMSAites in general?

Abiola: Yeah, I do. I am confident in my ability to build strong relationships and work collaboratively with both the Executive Council and other IFUMSA members. I prioritize open communication and teamwork as this will help yield more productive outcomes.

Medivoice: Consider this scenario: if the President contacts you and requests funds for undisclosed personal matters, how would you manage this situation as the Custodian of the association’s funds?

Abiola: Firstly, I’d ask the President for details of the funds requested. After which, I’ll seek approval from the other Executives and SRB members. If given the go-ahead, I’ll document and keep a record of the details of the request as this is an important aspect.

Medivoice: Do you have a theme for your campaign? If yes, what is it and what does it mean to you?

Abiola: Yeah, the theme is VOTE FOR TRANSPARENCY. This is just to emphasize my commitment to transparency in all of my dealings.

Medivoice: Finally, would you like to say anything to IFUMSAItes?

Abiola: Dearest IFUMSAITES, as the election gets closer, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to discuss my vision for the treasurer role. Your support means a lot to me. Once again, thanks for the support and do not forget to VOTE ABIOLA for TREASURER!
Thank you.

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