IFUMSA Election 2022 – Meet Your Winners

The IFUMSA elections came to an end on Saturday with a few number of surprising results that showed that democracy truly has a say in the association.

The election began at 9 am on Saturday, August 15, 2022, with several IFUMSAites complaining of not receiving their voting codes.

The electoral committee released several broadcast messages encouraging people to exercise patience during the course of the election, which was supposed to end at 5 pm.

The Electoral Committee eventually extended the election voting time to 7 pm to give people who received their voting codes late enough time to vote.

There were several complaints from Direct Entry students in the part 2 class as they found out late that they were not allowed to vote according to the IFUMSA constitution.

Despite the bumps experienced with the virtual voting method employed in the election, the electoral committee managed to put out a result that satisfied all candidates of the election. This is relatively great, considering that this was the first IFUMSA-wide virtual voting in the association.

According to the electoral committee, a total of 559 votes were cast out of 685 eligible voters.

Results of the election got released by the electoral committee by 8 pm, with the following candidates emerging as winners:

President-Elect: Adegoke Kolade James, with 334 (59.75%) votes.

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Vice President-Elect: Atoyebi Evelyn Temidayo, with 285 (50.98%) votes.

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General Secretary-Elect: Deborah Olaitan Komolafe with 278 (49.73%) votes.

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Assistant General Secretary-Elect: Oluwapelumi Blessing SOBAYO, with 491 (87.84%) votes.

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Public Relations Officer-Elect: Balogun Toluwa Daniel, with 484 (86.58%) votes

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Treasurer-Elect: Akwuba Clare Chimelumma, with 490 (87.66%) votes

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Director of Socials-Elect: Olayade Olamide Mary, with 492 (88.01%) votes.

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Director of Sport-Elect: Adewumi Victor Olawale, with 500 (89.45%) votes

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The President-elect, Adegoke Kolade James, has the option of pushing for a bi-election of appointing persons for the empty offices (welfare and financial secretary) of his cabinet.

Despite the dramas and online arguments that proceeded the IFUMSA election 2022, it will leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of IFUMSAites.

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