Meet Olabisi Precious Of The Magna Medicos Class

Medivoice: Hello Medivoice Readers, welcome to another episode of the Personality of the Week. We have the honor of interviewing a special person today. Can we meet you sir?

POTW: I’m Olabisi Precious Olamide, a part 2 student, and an SRB member of the Magna medicos constituency.

Medivoice: Interesting, so how has it been so far as a part 2 student, and which of the three courses do you prefer?

POTW: So far it has been quite eye opening, demanding, and exciting too. It’s indeed my first year been a medical student, but then I can say med school has unleashed characters that I never knew I had, and that is exciting for me. Best course so far, I’ll say biochemistry cause it’s less volatile.

Medivoice: Asides medicine, what do you do during your free time?

POTW:  I paint, I’m a visual artist, I create contents, and I also run a clothing brand (Microns). I think I do a lil bit of MC too.

Medivoice: That definitely looks like a lot Mr. Olabisi, being a SRB member, a student, and the whole load of other things you do, how do you keep up with time management?

POTW: To be Honest, I’m yet to find the balance as I have dropped doing some things to cover up for time. To manage the rest of my time I take things one at a time, ensure I shed workload by not doing everything myself. Daily To-do lists also help me a lot with time management.

Medivoice: Mr Olabisi If I may ask, why did you decide to study medicine?

POTW: This question 😂, Definitely not for passion, probably for the greener pastures and maybe not. But in all I’d say my parents had a role to play in my decision and God as well.

Medivoice: if not medicine, what are you most likely going to study?

POTW: If not Medicine, then definitely Art or Vet medicine (I love animals).

Medivoice: Wow, Olabisi we understand that college is a big space with talented people, are there people you look up to in college?

POTW: Sure, the first is Our President Temitayo Mathew. He really intrigues me with his charisma and way of doing things, he is disciplined and he commands a lot of respect. Also Mc Kay (Alade Kayode) because of his involvement in social activities outside college, which aligns with my own personality.

Medivoice: What is your favorite book, and author.

 POTW: My favorite book is the Bible, Author: Holy Spirit

Medivoice: Finally Mr Olabisi, any words for Medivoice?

 POTW: Medivoice is doing a very good work, I believe it’s the best association in IFUMSA at the moment with top contents. Thank you for the opportunity.

Medivoice: Thank you so much Mr Olabisi.

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