Meet Olabisi Precious Of The Magna Medicos Class

I’m Olabisi Precious of the Magna Medicos class. Med school has unleashed characters that I never knew I had, and that is exciting for me.

Aduragbemi Emmanuel

Meet Aduragbemi Emmanuel Adebunmi: A soon-to-be Doctor of the Excelsiors Class

I am Aduragbemi Emmanuel. Any book on Grace should describe my life, how far God has helped a boy with one E8, and eight F9 in his first WAEC


Ahoy, everyone. I know most of you are wondering what ahoy is and why it is the first word of my first write up this month. Don’t mind…

Myth and Medicine II

Hello everyone, I’m back. We embarked on this exciting journey the last time and we are still on the train. Last time, we visited Oedipus and found out…


Hello everyone. It is a new year and a new tenure for us here at Medivoice. I believe this year has been undoubtedly amazing so far. Well, for…