Personality of the Week: Kolade James Adegoke

MediVoice: Hi there, can we meet you?

POTW: My name is Kolade James Adegoke, a member of the old clinical one class. I pride myself as an organisational leader, a critical thinker, a multi-tasker and a social innovator. I’m passionate about research, data, innovation, capacity-building, and service. I am currently a colleague of the 2020 Kectil leadership program sponsored by the Malmar Knowles Family Foundation, U.S.A.

MediVoice: Wow, you are quite a handful. So, where do you hail from?

POTW: I hail from Owo Local Government Area in Ondo State.

MediVoice: Any post or office(s) held?

POTW: I serve as the General Secretary of Medical Students’ Association, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (IFUMSA). It’s the greatest honour of my life to serve in this capacity. Even more, as the oldest-serving General Secretary “Agba Elderly one” in the South-West Region.

MediVoice: It is plenty oo…not easy to be the oldest-serving GS in the whole Southwest region. So, what do you enjoy doing?

POTW: I love eating, watching Manchester United matches, scrolling through my Twitter feed, meeting new people, and hanging out with my friends.

MediVoice: Awwwwwn…MAN UNITED all the way. The next question on my list is one so many people avoid answering for one reason or the other. I hope you answer it though. It goes thus: Are you in a relationship? (Chuckles)

POTW: (Chuckles). No, I’m not.

MediVoice: Oh…wow. Nice to hear. Awon God when gang. Anyways, it’s all good. Next question is do you think you were selected as personality of the week?

POTW: Hehe, I’m not sure naw. I’m an IFUMSAite (Shrugs).

MediVoice: That’s the basic reason apparently. Moving on, any departmental crushes?

POTW: Sure.

MediVoice : Can’t be avoided right? (giggles). The next question is a very popular question for anyone in the field of medicine. Why medicine of all courses?

POTW: To be honest, it wasn’t medicine. However, studying medicine is fascinating other than the frustration of the system and stress. Importantly, you get to make exploits.

MediVoice: Omo! With the whole energy you exude for medicine, no one will ever guess it wasn’t medicine at first. And yes, the system is so corrupt and has spoilt everything. We go dey alright las las sha. So, at one point on time, we all have some weird experiences. What has been your weirdest medical experience?

POTW: Omo, a lot. The weirdest has to be telling my friend a question will not be asked at an End of Posting Exam. Guess the first question? Lesson learnt: Read everything. (Laughs.)

MediVoice: Jeez!! I can imagine the feeling. I have learnt too. Moving on, what’s that thing that keeps you going and not giving up?

POTW: I would have said dreams, but dreams are not enough. A deep depth of discipline and fear of failure. Even at this, I’m grateful for my support system— family, friends, and faith.

MediVoice: Yes o..dreams ain’t enough and support systems can never be overrated. What is your philosophy of life?

POTW: That limit doesn’t exist, that failure is not an option, and the earth is not the end!

MediVoice: It’s the last statement for me. Where do you see Kolade on the next ten years?

POTW: Married, done with a residency program in Medicine, adept in a non-medical field of interest, and making exploits.

MediVoice: Omo, see balance. Next question: Working in Nigeria or to japa? (Laughs)

POTW: The latter. I like to see the world as a global market; where you get to sell your skills to those who appreciate them irrespective of your background. Frankly, if you had plans to practise in this country, the system will convince you to do otherwise. For instance, house officers have not been paid their salaries for months despite being overworked. It’s a sad reality that those who are meant to make things better don’t care. They end up travelling abroad for health tourism to be managed by the very ones they forced out of the Nigerian healthcare system. Pathetic!

MediVoice: So sad actually. Any extracurricular activities?

POTW: Yeah. Serving over 700 Medical Students of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, O.A.U., volunteering, writing, and learning some programming language.

MediVoice : Who would you love to give a shout out to?

POTW: Shout out to my family (not sure they will see this), my friends, una sabi una sef, the Class of the Excelsiors, every member of The Capacity Team ably headed by my Oga, Beloved Akinola. Special shout to Temitayo Matthew and every IFUMSAite out there convicted with a penchant for success despite the struggles. Your dreams are valid, let’s keep working! And yeah, kudos to the entire team at MediVoice News and Literary Club for the great content.

MediVoice: Any last words?

POTW: “Imagine how good things could get if only you did what needed to be done.” —Jordan Peterson.

MediVoice: It was nice featuring you on this column. Thanks for honouring the request.

Stay tuned to this column to get to meet more ifumsites, it could be you next. You never can tell.

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