Personality of the Week: Interview With Charity Mosinmiloluwa

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Greetings, beloved readers! With immense pleasure, I welcome you to yet another Personality of the Week(POTW) episode.

We are highlighting Charity Mosimiloluwa OLOFINSAO, a clinical three student, this week. Come along with me as I reveal the many facets of his alluring nature.

POTW: My name is Charity Mosimiloluwa OLOFINSAO, a 600 Level Medical Student.

Medivoice: Just a few months to go, amazing! Most important, how do you feel about becoming a doctor?

POTW: I’ve not got the chills yet, the reality hasn’t yet dawned, so right now, I’m Indifferent.

Medivoice: Mr. Charity, can you describe medical school in one word?

POTW: Exasperating

Medivoice: Regarding our organization, IFUMSA, what are your thoughts?

POTW: I believe the association is in a really great place. It currently stands as one of the leading, well structured student organisation on campus and even in comparison with other institutions. I’m proud to be an IFUMSAite.

Medivoice: I mean, aren’t we all? Alright, what roles did you hold, both within and outside of IFUMSA?



  • Debate Coach, IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club (2021)
  • Head of Media, The Health Football League Competition(LOC)
  • Debate Chairman, 2022 Health Week LOC
  • Secretary, Standing Commitee on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health (SCORA)
  • Assistant Representative of the Part 5 Class (Stalwarts)
  • Debate Coach, IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club (2024)

Outside IFUMSA

  • Vice President, Christ Way Campus Resource, OAU, Ile-Ife (2019-2020)

Medivoice: Wow! You are a busy man. Why did you choose to pursue a career in medicine, and would you do it again if given the chance?

POTW: I genuinely love(d) medicine at the time. Maybe, I might choose Chemical Engineering instead, though.

Medivoice: Then, what was your most thrilling and disappointing medical school experience?

POTW: I’m fact, my most thrilling experience is winning many debate and quiz competitions for IQDC since 300 level while the most disappointing is missing distinction(s) in 400 level by tiny margins.

Medivoice: Overall, what guidance would you offer to individuals who are just beginning their medical school career?

POTW: The crucial aspect is not just dedicating hours to study, but strategically positioning oneself in the right environments and cultivating meaningful friendships during this lengthy journey. During exams, the former, particularly, is likely to serve as the saving grace.

Medivoice: That is quite inspiring. Is there any intention to leave the country?

POTW: Yes, certainly, most definitely!

Medivoice: Next, when the going gets rough, what keeps you going?

POTW: Whew! God, my friends and family, alongside the thoughts of being a doctor in the future, lol.

Medivoice: In your free time, what activities do you engage in?

POTW: Church!Church!Church! And then, football and music.

Medivoice: Would you accept a ten million dollar offer to give up your medical studies?

POTW: Argh, at this juncture, I have my doubts. However, if it had arrived earlier, absolutely.

Medivoice: Are you in a romantic relationship or do you have a crush on someone from class?

POTW: Yes, I am in a romantic relationship.😊😍

Medivoice: Tell us three interesting things about yourself?


  • I have a passion for music; I self-taught in musical theory, mastered playing the drums and keyboard, and excel as a singer. Remarkably, I became a choir director at the age of 9.
  • Furthermore, I hold a 95% success rate in debates, excelling across diverse formats such as Karl Popper, British Parliamentary, and Presidential styles.
  • I love writing tests and exams!

Medivoice: Wow! 95% success rate, I dare not challenge you😂. Consequently, can you share with us the life philosophy you live by?

POTW: The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it – Epicurus

I am success driven, I don’t shy away from a fight. I find pleasure doing the difficult things.

Medivoice: Interesting! Alright, whom would you like to send a shoutout?

POTW: A big shout-out to my classmates, study group, and my best friend Tawakalt Baruwa, who has been with me through the challenges of med school!❤️

Medivoice: Finally, any last words for Medivoice?

POTW: Medivoice is an important organ in IFUMSA, one of the best. Let’s continue to uphold its significance and keep the flag flying.

Medivoice: It was pleasant getting to know you better. Mr. Charity. Equally important, we hope our readers had an excellent time meeting our personality of the week(POTW). Until we meet again. Meanwhile, you can connect with Charity Mosimiloluwa Olofinsao AKA Da_Source here.

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