An ‘Upgraded’ (2024) Review: A Little, Tiny White Lie Spirals Out Of Control

In “Upgraded,” a rom-com by Carlson Young, a woman’s small lie to a guy snowballs out of control. Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux play the lead roles in…

Life Of A Part 5 Medical Student- The Stalwart Experience

Part 5 was a roller-coaster. A messy roller-coaster at that. Was it remarkable? Yes definitely. Will I pick it over part 4? A 100 times over.

Personality of the Week: Interview With Charity Mosinmiloluwa

Greetings, beloved readers! With immense pleasure, I welcome you to yet another Personality of the Week(POTW) episode. We are highlighting Charity Mosimiloluwa OLOFINSAO, a clinical three student, this week. Come…