An ‘Upgraded’ (2024) Review: A Little, Tiny White Lie Spirals Out Of Control

‘Upgraded’ (2024) Review: A little, tiny white lie spirals out of control

In “Upgraded,” a rom-com by Carlson Young, a woman’s small lie to a guy snowballs out of control. Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux play the lead roles in this formulaic meet-cute movie. Marisa Tomei, however, makes a suspicious appearance with a French accent. However, it also has some unique characteristics that set it apart from other romantic comedies.

At the beginning of the film, Ana (Mendes) lives in a small apartment with her sister Vivian (Aimee Carrero) and her fiancé Ronnie (Andrew Schulz). This is because she can’t afford to rent an apartment in New York City. Ana works as an unpaid trainee at a prestigious auction house in the city, where Claire Dupont (Tomei) is her boss. Ana dreams of managing her own gallery, but Claire is a demanding supervisor who expects perfection from her assistants.

When Ana saves the day at work, Claire rewards her by sending her to London to help with a significant auction. However, Ana’s trip takes a turn for the worse. She tells a small lie to Will (Renaux), a charming guy she meets at the airport. Will believes Ana is a director at the auction house, which causes the lie to spiral out of control.

Things get even more complicated when Ana meets Will’s mother, Catherine (Lena Olin). Catherine wants to sell her ex-husband’s fine art collection at the same auction that Ana is helping Claire with. Ana’s little white lie threatens to jeopardise her career and her budding relationship with Will.

Despite being billed as a romantic comedy, “Upgraded” has a feminist message that promotes women. Ana’s situation at work, with a toxic workplace and a demanding boss, is similar to what Andy (Anne Hathaway) experiences in “The Devil Wears Prada.” The film’s moral is to never give up on your dreams, even if it means telling a small lie to your crush.

Renaux and Mendes have great chemistry, and their banter and playful moments together are sure to make audiences laugh. However, the film loses momentum in the third act when Ana and Will separate. The story is focused on Ana’s career, so the reasons behind their breakup are hard to believe until Ana’s final hours in London.

Overall, “Upgraded” is a delightful romantic comedy that’s definitely worth watching. It’s more comedic than romantic, with a refreshing feminist message. The film follows Ana’s journey of self-discovery as she strives to achieve her career goals.

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