Omolara: Child of Destiny

Omolara was the light of her parents’ lives. She brought joy to everyone around her, always smiling and courteous with other people. She would always say, “People are going through a lot, why don’t I make sure the few minutes of interaction with me distract them a little from their demons? And of course, it made sense. Usually, it worked. People always looked forward to interacting with her and vice versa. It made her feel great knowing she helped just a little. It wasn’t surprising when she chose to study Medicine. Her parents were more than happy to support her dream and did everything to make sure her dream of becoming a Medical Doctor came to pass.

Her father, Mr Dele Opefoluwa was an astute stinkingly rich Businessman who believed in making sure his daughter brought value to herself and society, he was more than happy when she mentioned she wanted to study Medicine and her mother, Mrs Brenda Opefoluwa was also a very successful Financial analyst who had risen to the top of her career and was admired by all. She always mentioned that it was all thanks to God and her family. She was also very hardworking, brilliant, and dogged. They didn’t have any more children and were content with having one child and giving her the best.

One would expect Omolara to be spoiled and selfish or inconsiderate of others, or even intolerant of others. She was the exact opposite. She was also very principled. Her parents had taught her well about avoiding procrastination and doing what it takes to succeed. When her friends chided her about never procrastinating, she’d reply with “A stitch in time saves nine”. She was right because results always showed. She was top of the class,

winning prizes and competitions. Her parents were so proud. She eventually applied to study Medicine at one of Nigeria’s best universities, Obafemi Awolowo University, she got in and then her journey began.

Medical School

Omolara thought this challenge was surmountable. She was confident that she’d scale through. Along the line, she discovered it was a rat race and struggled to find a balance, to find herself, and to find out what worked best for her. There was a dire need for a reading strategy as well as study buddies but the everyday lectures and the rigors of the process took their toll on her. In one of those random cadaver sessions, she was working on the upper limb of this cadaver, and someone she had never spoken to asked her about the structure she was dissecting.
Hello, please what is the structure you’re seeing? By the way, my name is Inioluwa Roberts. What’s your name?”
Omolara replied, “Hi, oh this is the brachialis muscle. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Omolara Opefoluwa”. And from there, the journey of an amazing friendship began. They were so lucky, to navigate the topsy-curvy medical journey together.

To be continued…

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