The IFUMSA CARE TEAM now has a new chairperson to lead IFUMSA to the future she has always envisioned – a future where the mental health of IFUMSAITES are a priority and well protected. Let’s hear what Victoria Shittu has to say concerning her new appointment.

Medivoice: Can we meet you?

I’m Victoria Adeola Shittu, a Part 6 medical student. A number of people know me as Avastoria, the mental health advocate.
I also own avastoMORE, a business that produces, sells, and markets items that boost mental health.

Medivoice: Kindly tell us more about the Ifumsa care team.

IFUMSA Care Team is a club of Presidential interest✌️. It was set up to help be the bridge for Ifumsaites who at any time may have concerns about their mental health.
Basically, IFUMSA Care Team cares for you and your mind.

Medivoice: Moving forward, w has your appointment been so far and what effect has it had on you?

Well, leadership generally could be tasking. I only just got appointed recently, and there have not been many hands-on tasks because the year is running to an end. However, caring for people’s mental health and mine is an everyday task.

Medivoice: Did you see yourself heading the team?

Well, Yes, I did. I hate to sound like motivational speaker isonu but “a future you can’t picture, you cannot feature” 🤭🤭
That being said, I hope to do more hand-in-hand with my team members and predecessor, the kind that resonates with every kind of IFUMSAITE.

Medivoice: Can you share some specific plans you have for catering to the mental health of Ifumsaites across all the classes?

To make mental health conversations open.

To make mental health facilities accessible.

To build mentally aware and strong IFUMSAites.

Medivoice: So, what would you say has been the team’s proudest moment since inception?

The trust IFUMSAites have in us that makes them reach out when they need help.

Medivoice: Can you share some of the team’s biggest challenges?

Funds and time to do more.

Medivoice: What advice would you give to Ifumsaites who are looking forward to being a part of the team?

There’s room for you to see, to learn and to help.
Please, follow our IG page and tell your classmates about Care Team.💚

Medivoice: Finally, any words for MediVoice and our audience?

Thank you Medivoice.
Dear IFUMSAites, your feelings are valid. Real strength is knowing when you need help and reaching out for it.

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