Meet Adeyinka Okunade from the Excelsoirs Class

Welcome back , my dear readers. The sun decided to take a break today, but have no fear, we have a Light Of the World in our midst today and he is here to illuminate us. Can we know you?

POTW: Adeyinka Okunade from Osun State.

Medivoice: A child of this soil. Nice to have you in our midst. So, how do you feel about becoming a doctor in a few months? 

POTW: I feel normal

Medivoice: “Normal” is a word we hardly see here. How then would you describe Med school?

POTW: A journey that requires consistency and good company of people

Medivoice: “Consistency and good company,” I need to write that down. Speaking about company, how do you feel about our association IFUMSA?

POTW: IFUMSA is doing a lot.

Medivoice: Honestly, they are. It’s really nice knowing you’re part of an association that does a lot for you. So, do you have any office within or outside IFUMSA?

POTW: Yes. Outside IFUMSA.

Medivoice: You’re shining your light beyond home. Make dem see your light and know say IFUMSA no small. Moving on, we know you’re about to finish your Med school journey, but If you had to start again will you still you pick Medicine?

POTW: I don’t think so.

Medivoice: Your journey must have been filled with ups and downs, can you share some of your frustrating and exciting experiences in Med school?

POTW: I can’t remember any

Medivoice: Alright then, Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

POTW: In God’s plan and purpose

Medivoice: I’m sure he has great plans for you. Since we are speaking about plans, Is leaving the country in the plans?

POTW: Probably

Medivoice: Nobody wan dey patriotic again 🥲. What happened to serving our fatherland? Anyway, when the going gets rough, what keeps you going?

POTW: Friends

Medivoice: Friends>>>>>>>>>>> . Truly, every man needs friends to help when things are rough. Enough of the serious talk, when you’re not being a student, what can we find you doing?

POTW: Church activities 

Medivoice: If you were offered 10 million dollars to stop studying Medicine, will you take the offer?

POTW: Obviously, yes

Medivoice: Lol, you didn’t even think twice. I thought being in your final year may make you hesitate a little, but I was wrong. Anyway, do you have any College crushes? Maybe there’s a pretty lady catching your eye.


Medivoice: Yeeeeee, so all these fine girls for college no dey enter your eye? What’s your relationship status then?

POTW: Single

Medivoice: Interesting. Dear readers, remember to tell a female friend to tell a female friend this very important: Adeyinka Okunade is Single! I’m sure they’ll love to know more about you, can you give us 3 fun facts about you then?

POTW: I don’t know

Medivoice: Okay so is there any life philosophy you follow?

POTW: None comes to mind

Medivoice: What is one thing you will miss most about school?

POTW: Being a student.

Medivoice: You know earlier on, you mentioned friends are what kept you going, are there any friends you’d like to give a shoutout to?

POTW: My Pastor, Aduragbemi, Niyi, Daniella

Medivoice: Finally, any last words for Medivoice

POTW: Thank you Medivoice for this privilege. Keep the work going.

Medivoice: Thank you very much for illuminating us with your light, Adeyinka Okunade. Medivoice wishes you all the best in your endeavors. 

Thank you for reading to the end.

You can reach out to Adeyinka Okunade here: 07037483147.

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