Fàájì Night- A Night of Wine, Dine and Dance

Gèlè mi ga ju tì e lo

Owanbes are typically marked by a Gèlè war. But this was no regular Owambe. It was a Fàájì night- a night of fun, and a time to be merry. A night of wine, dine and dance.

Fàáji Night has been one of the most eventful glams of the IFUMSA-cracy administration. And the best part was that it was basically free as no tickets were sold beforehand. The Director of Socials and her team put together this event as a mid-year social gathering for IFUMSAITES to have fun, connect and, for some classes, unwind after exams.

 It was held outdoor on the field opposite First Bank Lecture Theatre. The sheer fact that the DOSocials could risk such a thing in the rainy season was stupendous! But with a bit of luck, the rain stopped and the event continued as planned. 

The MC was none other than IFUMSA’S MCKay. He started with a singing contest between two teams—people dressed in blue versus people dressed with a touch of white, two of the many colours attendees adorned themselves in.

However, the Fàájì itself started when the night fell. IFUMSAITES took to the stage led by MC Kay as he taught some dance steps, preparing the attendees for the gbedu that was to come.

 After the mini-dance training, there was a dance performance. The dancers displayed the local Bata dance beautifully as the attendance of the night grew.

Guys were dressed in Senators, Agbadas, Ankaras, and different other attires. Most of them crowned it with a proper fila. The ladies gave the crowd something to stare at. The women on Bubu represented the Iyawo Ogas. Those on Oleku were no doubt the single but not searching. While the group with Ankara tops and jeans trousers sauntered in the Sisi Eko way. The array of attires was beautiful and the night shimmered with colours as people flocked into the field.

When the Bata dancers ended, the next performance was that of the Rock Theatre drama group. The drama displayed a young beautiful woman who made two men beat themselves up for her. If only she had made a choice earlier on. The funny part of the drama was where she stowed away with both men’s belongings. Leaving the crowd to conclude on the stereotype that women will surely be women.

As the drama night went on, the Olofadas (women selling ofada rice) were cashing out too as people helped themselves to plates of rice and peppery sauce. Yogurt parfait from the Wekkea brand was also available as everyone enjoyed the Fàáji night to the fullest.

After the drama presentation, it was time for the first official visit to the dance floor. Ladies were spotted removing their heels and using their feet as dancing shoes. The men had no problem, and everyone moved to the dance floor, singing and emitting every joy that lived in their hearts. 

Undoubtedly, the classes that enjoyed the night were mostly the Tenacious class and Magna Medicos class.  Bending their knees and moving their bodies, at that moment, they forgot all the struggles school and danced till they broke a sweat. The live singer also sang songs of praise and IFUMSAITES lifted their hearts to God.

The dance lasted a while, till MC Kay introduced the next performance and behold, it was a visitor from Avatar for the Fire breathing performance.

Typically no one will risk putting kerosene on their body with sticks of burning flames in their mouth. So it was definitely someone from the fire-bending nation, but of Yoruba origin. He came to play with fire, literally and what a performance it was judging by the oooooohs and aaaaahs that punctuated the audience’s rapt attention.

 The MC later called the audience out class by class, and everyone tried to show who was boss at the dancing thing. People were thirsty after this exercise. Asun, Palmwine, Suya and other local foods were also sold at the venue for attendees to quench their thirsts.

It is hard not to commend IFUMSA’S Hon Director of Socials, Olamide and her team for what they put up. Fàáji night was indeed a night to be remembered. Truly, Medical students might not always have time for fun. But they own fun when they have it.

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