Vox Pop: How Are You Faring In This Tinubu’s Economy?

Hello MediVoice readers👋, let’s talk about Tinubu’s regime.

Few days ago, President Tinubu celebrated one year in office and as a side bar, changed our national anthem. In case you missed it, you no longer need to Arise as the patriotic citizen that you are, all you need to do is to hail Nigeria now. That is the stage we are now.

Anyway, in the spirit of celebration, we decided to do something a little bit different. In today’s episode, we decided to hit the street and ask IFUMSAites how they are faring and to rate the current administration on a scale of 10.

We got so many views and different grades in our scoresheet. Apparently, we all can’t have exactly the same view about the same situation. Sit back and enjoy.

Hello there, can you tell us your view about Tinubu’s administration and rate it on a scale of 10?

1) He abolished fuel subsidy

President Bola Tinubu abolished the fuel subsidy because the country could no longer afford it ¹. The subsidy was a huge drain on the country’s finances, with 4.3 trillion naira ($9.3 billion) spent on it last year, and 3.36 trillion naira budgeted for the first half of this year . The subsidy was also seen as benefiting the rich more than the poor, and the funds were needed for other priorities such as public infrastructure, education, healthcare, and jobs . Additionally, Tinubu stated that the subsidy was no longer justifiable due to dwindling revenue and the need to “reset the economy towards growth” .

2) He removed Godwin Emefiele as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for several reasons, including:

i. Allegations of financial impropriety and corruption.
ii. Disagreements over monetary policy and economic management.
iii. Emefiele’s controversial involvement in politics, including his rumored presidential ambition.
iv. Tinubu’s desire to assert control over the CBN and implement his economic agenda.
v. Emefiele’s resistance to Tinubu’s plans to restructure the CBN and the economy.
vi. Emefiele’s handling of the naira redesign and cash swap policy, which was widely criticized.
.vii. Tinubu’s intention to appoint a new CBN governor who shares his economic vision and policy direction.

These factors culminated in Emefiele’s removal and replacement with a new CBN governor, who is expected to implement Tinubu’s economic policies and reforms.

3) He implemented economic reforms which include

  • Elimination of fuel subsidy
  • Unification of exchange rates
  • Appointment of a new Central Bank governor
  • Inauguration of an economic council to advise the president on economic reforms
  • Dissolution of governing boards of federal government parastatals
  • Suspension of EFCC chairman
  • Removal of service chiefs and appointment of new ones
  • Signing of electricity, student loan and data protection acts
  • Diversification of economy and boosting growth
  • Infrastructure development, including roads, railways and airports.
    These have in one way led to economic and social difficulties.

So with these points, I will rate his Tenure faring on a scale of 5 because it has been one with advantages and disadvantages.


Amazing, Kamal is rating the current administration 5/10. Do you think anyone else will agree with him? Let’s hear from Samuel.

“The past year under the first 4 of Tinubu’s government has been quite poor and this is me being generous and I’m quite sure others would agree.
Statistically, this is one of the poorest starts of government in the past 4 offices. There is not one area I can point out and say this is where the government is making progress at. The most important sectors meant to be improved are being neglected and efforts are being channeled into the wrong areas.
Inflation like never before in just a matter of time, it leaves some of us thinking how bad it can actually get in the next 3 years. There are times I wonder how the majority of people are even surviving with how hard things are now.
On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this past one year 2/10(once again being generous), the reason being quite obvious 😹. I sincerely pray things get better and come 2027 when elections are held, I would not vote him in.”

~ Samuel

Omg, Samuel says he is even being generous with his 2/10 rating. That bad? Let’s check if anyone else agrees with him.

Olubayode Samson – I will give him 3 if not less. Because his decisions have been poor and his priorities misplaced.

Orimolade Ayokunle – Objectively speaking, I would score the administration a 4/10
The current administration appears to not be in touch with the reality that the average Nigerian wakes up too everyday.
A majority of its policies are quite far off from what one would expect from the leadership of a nation truly desires to develop
The few that are not completely redundant, in my opinion, were wrongly implemented.

Except some magic turn around happens and it is clearly as a result of this administration’s effort, I will not.
Given the current trajectory we are following, I strongly doubt that would happen.

Okunola Timilehin – Maan..
Life hasn’t been the same since Tinubu became president and all I will say is, this current Nigeria is really unfair to its young populace in particular. I refuse to believe that life was this hard when Tinubu was my age.

Any administration that comes on board and feeding for an average Nigerian becomes a big issue does not deserve to be scaled.

Let’s scale things up a bit.

With this one year you experienced can you vote for him again?

Tinubu’s administration has been very terrible so far,
I rate it 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 10,
I’m not voting him in the next election.

– Arije Mayowa

You would think the worst rating would be 2/10 until you meet Arije Mayowa who vehemently express his distaste for the administration.

Finally, we have an anonymous who will like to express their view

Maybe 3/10 will do, the government has been a pain in ass of the citizen, ranging from skyrocketing inflation of foodstuffs, basic needs of people, to removal of subsidy on fuel too.

No, I won’t vote him.


Even anonymous won’t vote for you, Mr Tinubu, kindly do better. IFUMSAites are not happy.

Dear reader, thank you for coming with us this far. You have read through all the tales of displeasure that few IFUMSAites have aired out on MediVoice, now it is your turn.

Tell us in the comment section what you would rate the current administration. I’ll be here to read it all.

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