The IFL of this year ended with great success. That is, an achievement that can’t be expressed with mere words of imagination. An outstanding event starting from scene of escalating challenges and performance, the rigorous strive in participation, to, the challenges in the organization and order.

According to the regular customs, the final score list came out which showed the winner, the runner-up, second runner-up… well as the winner from the reverse direction. It ended in a grand ceremony that would always linger in the memories of the attendees.

On our part as the voice of IFUMSA, here’s an interview with the runner-up (Stalwart) coach; sit back and enjoy!

1What was your mindset/expectation concerning the subsequent matches after your first match in this year’s IFL?

I expected the remaining matches to be tough and give high quality.

Definitely, this is showing high expectations and optimism.

How do you feel being the runner-up on the list; What could you have done better during the course of the league?

Of course, Being the second was really disheartening. I felt we could have managed some games better and achieve something great.

Actually, most runner-ups would express this. 😅

Can you name the challenges you’ve faced in IFL over the years

We didn’t really face much challenges worth mentioning as they are just mere situations to boost our ego and standard.

Indeed, situations meant to boost ego. 😅

As a coach what suggestion would you like to give towards the development and improvement of IFL?

I will like more fan engagement and better preparation in consecutive competitions.

Exactly, to achieve maximum operation, these factors are unavoidable. What an interview with insight!

Shout out your best player for this league

I shout out to Olamide.

Clearly, the competition was a remarkable ones such that it gave the teams a mindset of victory and achievements. It, also, made an understandable point that these are easily attainable when proper measures are put into place.

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