An Interview With The Captain Of Exypnos mediballers’

Welcome back to another interesting interview session. Today, Medivoice meets the captain of the winning team, IFUMSA FOOTBALL LEAGUE in person of Omoboriowo Damilola Isaac popularly known as Dr. Bush.

Medivoice: Hello captain, congratulations, how do you feel about the success of the football league?

Dr. Bush: Hi MediVoice, well, great as always. Even though we saw it coming right from the beginning of the competition, victories are meant to be celebrated, so yeah, I feel great. Thank you

Medivoice: You’re welcome Sir. First, as the captain of the winning team, you must have been through a lot to get to this point, how well has it been?

Dr. Bush: Well, there’s not so much. We’ve been playing together as a team for over 5 years now. Even, in the past times when we didn’t win, there was proof that the team was promising. So there was not so much work because understanding has been built over the years. We haven’t even trained for years, but of course, there’s always the zeal to win. And that has kept us winning.

Medivoice: I’m perplexed to hear that you’ve not been training for years, yet the zeal to win remains. Yet, How were you able to balance this role with your academics?

Dr.Bush: The team made it easy. There’s no special duty because every member of the team takes responsibility to be present at all times and also do the right thing when called upon. It’s a great team with great teamwork.

Medivoice: Thumbs up to every member of the team for being dedicated. It’s a huge success for Exypnos, any plans on celebrating this?

Dr. Bush, however, at this point, it looks like it’s already normal. Cos this is our 3rd consecutive trophy in IFUMSA, and I don’t think any class had done that before now. Not so much to celebrate because it appears that we’ll always win regardless._

Medivoice: Oh, that’s nice, keep the flag flying Exypnos. The football league finale ended in chaos, what’s your say on this?

Dr. Bush: Chaos? Though using that word is relative, if it was about the post-final palava, I guess the uproar was due to a lack of communications hitherto the DOSports made clarifications. The fans and players who made complaints were not wrong to have done so, and since the DOSports made clarifications, I guess it brought calmness. Mistakes have been duly noted and I’m sure they’ll never reoccur.

Medivoice, Furthermore, which of the leagues was the most challenging?

Dr. Bush: Hmmm, I really can’t say. We always knew we’d win. It only just depends on how it would come. Maybe our first game was, not because the other team was better, but because we had to play for the first time after a very long time. So players were fatigued. It was understandable. However, we’d always win.

Medivoice: I like the captain’s charisma 😎 Any words of encouragement to your opponents?

Dr Bush: They shouldn’t give up. They should also train more. Only the current 2 most senior classes in IFUMSA have won at least one trophy. So the younger classes can put in more effort to ensure that the senior classes don’t leave with that record. Would most likely not happen though, but that alone should be a motivation for them to put in the work.

Medivoice: Yep! To all the teams that participated in the IFUMSA FOOTBALL LEAGUE, giving up is not an option. Finally, Shout out to your fans

Dr. Bush: Exypnos Medicos! You guys are wonderful. Would have loved to mention names, but let’s keep it that way. Everybody was crucial to winning both online and offline.GOD bless Exypnos Medicos
Medivoice: I am a fan too😊

We have come to the end of the interview session with Exypnos Captain (Dr Bush). Dear readers, anticipate as Medivoice quench your thirst for interesting info. Click here to read more related posts.

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