An Exclusive Interview With Gloryland Clinical Students’ hall Chairman – BASSEY Oku

The Gloryland hall for clinical students are resident areas for the clinical students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Our correspondent interviewed Bassey Oku, the chairman of the hall

gloryland chairman, Oku Bassey
Oku Bassey

Medivoice: Can we meet you please

I am BASSEY Oku, a 600L Medical student who hails from Akwa Ibom State.

Medivoice: What motivated your desire to become the chairman of the Gloryland hostel?

Service. Also my desire to contribute my quota in the welfare and development of clinical students.

Medivoice: That is great! What plans do you have to better the state of the Gloryland hall?

I alongside my excos look forward to:
✅ Continue the projects from the previous administration and ensure maintenance.

✅ Setting up the Gloryland business committee. We will set up the first ever Gloryland business hub which will not only serve to generate revenue for the hall, but also address the immediate needs of Glorylanders through incorporation of new business services.

✅ Through the social committee, we want to improve the social welfare of Glorylanders by introducing novel social activities like movie nights and get together. Also to ensure a memorable Gloryland week celebration.

✅ Improving the sportsmanship between male and female Glorylanders by introducing games like volleyball, host inter-block gaming tournaments comprising – football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball and other indoor games.

✅ Through the academic committee, we will maintain the culture of academic excellence among Glorylanders. By organizing mock test, OSCE, and other such academic revision classes.

✅ Improve the welfare of Glorylanders. Through the welfare committee, we want to ensure all Glorylanders have their needs addressed through express access to the Hall excos and management.

Medivoice: What challenges have you faced so far, and how did you tackle them?

Challenges are inevitable, but we are determined to address them immediately or even before they come.

✅Water: About 18 Storex water tank supplies the Gloryland Hall. However, the challenge is that just one pump supplies all 18 tanks, making it take longer to fill up. To address this, my excos in conjunction with the Hall management have held talks with the Provost and as I speak, plans are underway to install a new water pump to be completed before end of the year.

✅Light: While the hospital complex has a fairly stable power supply, our dependence on this makes us vulnerable to drastic outages should there develop any electrical fault.
To this end, my administration has discussed with the Provost the possibility of undertaking a total solar installation in Gloryland as in the Ilesha clinical hostel. While this is a major project, the Provost has said he’ll note it and look forward to the possibility of this project coming to reality.

✅ Transportation: There were complaints of price disparity between Glorylanders and other users of the tricycle.
My excos held meetings with the Tricycle operators in the presence of the Director of OAUTHC business unit, hall management and Provost and a peaceful conclusion was met that no such disparity will exist. While we understand that the OAUTHC management may review the prices of transportation upwards given the current fuel hike but this will be general to all tricycle users and not only binding on Glorylanders.

✅We have just begun, and more updates will be make available to Glorylanders and the generality if IFUMSA and IFUDSA through the office of the Public Relations Officer in due time as the projects unfold.

Medivoice: What achievements have you had so far since becoming the chairman?

✅The above mentioned
✅To give a new face to our administration and secretariat, the administration through the office of the PRO I/II had yesterday launched:
1. The Gloryland letter-headed paper
2. Gloryland Email
3. Gloryland Hotline

✅As I speak, the project of repairs of leaking roofs in Gloryland has just begun.
✅The new water pump installation is underway.
✅ Many more projects to be completed during the holiday

Medivoice: How far has the current students’ executive body and college management helped in bettering the state of the halls?

✅The students’ executive council, no input so far.
✅The college management, a lot. We’re receiving immense support from the college management on all sides. Many thanks to our amiable Provost for his undiluted support to clinical students at all times.

Medivoice: How has been the synergy between IFUMSA and IFUDSA in the appropriate running of the halls.

I love the synergy amongst members of both association in Gloryland. There’s no time I’ve had to discuss IFUMSA or IFUDSA, it has always been Glorylanders all the way. As a matter of fact, the hall executive council and committees comprise both members and the team work has been exceptional.

Medivoice: Any word for Medivoice, IFUMSA and our audience at large.

First, I want to commend MediVoice for the good works and pray we keep it up. As a member, I’m proud of what we’re doing.

To IFUMSAITES and IFUDSAITES, you are a part of a noble community. Keep doing great even as you look forward to being the best you can.

To my esteemed Glorylanders, thank you for the support so far and know that we are committed to deliver on the mandate.

Thank you!

Medivoice: You are welcome, thanks for your time

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