Meet Ikotun Taofikat, a member of the Part 4 constituency.

Dearest gentle reader, (ring a bell?). Prepare to be enthralled as we introduce you to our remarkable Personality of the Week. She is a captivating and fiery individual and an epitome of doggedness, tenacity and passion. Join me as I welcome Ikotun Taofikat, a member of the part 4/Exypnos Class.

Medivoice: So, Taofikat, let the audience meet you.

POTW: I’m Ikotun Taofikat A part 4 medical student of OAU. I’m from Ilesha, Osun  state.

Medivoice: Daughter of the soil. Firstly, in line with popular opinion, part 4 class is said to be the hardest class in college, do you think it is overhyped?

POTW: It is everything that has been described and more. It is definitely not overhyped.

IMedivoice: It is the “and more” for me. Anyhoo, it will sha end one day. Going forward, what can you say about medical school in general?

POTW: It is a  challenge I will be happy to finish

Medivoice: Go girl!! That’s the vibes. As the challenge face us, we face it back. Considering our MSA specifically, what do you have to say about it?

POTW: I don’t really have much relationship with IFUMSA but from the little I’ve experienced, l know that the leadership have put the interest of the members first and I’m proud to be a member.

Medivoice: IFUMSA and doings, always giving. Do you hold any office outside IFUMSA?


Medivoice: Okuuurrrr. Taofikat, if you were given a second chance, would medicine still be your choice?

POTW: I believe so. I don’t think I can imagine myself doing something else.

Medivoice: Eiiiii, medicine must be feeling really loved seeing this statement, I mean, the loyalty is palpable. So, this medicine you love so much, are you planning to go with it to the abroad?

POTW: Definitely. We japa as soon as we finish by God’s grace.

Medivoice: Osheyyy!!! No wasting time. You know medical school can be a lot, however, we all have the way we keep ourselves going, so wanna share how you keep going?

POTW: My mom. I just think about her and talk to her and everything becomes okay.

Medivoice: Play me, sweet mother, 😍😍. Moving forward, when you are not being a student what can we find you doing?

POTW: Watching movies

Medivoice: My comrade. We gather dey. So, Taofikat, I have here with me 10 million dollars, whereas, it is only yours if you drop out from med school. Would you?

POTW: I don’t know. I like to think that I won’t but I can’t say until the money reach my front. 

Medivoice: I like this comrade, however, she doesn’t want imagination to carry her to where she doesn’t know😅😅.

Going on, tech bro or medical student, which ship are you sailing?

POTW: Medical student

Medivoice: This love for medicine is strong ooo. Meanwhile, are you double stranded or single stranded.


Medivoice: Okuuur. So, what hobbies do you engage in?

POTW: I love Korean movies. I read novels a lot. I’m a taekwondo practitioner.

Medivoice: Kamsahamnida (bows). Furthermore, considering your penchant for watching movies and reading novels, I’m curious: which particular movie or novel do you believe best encapsulates your life?

POTW:I’ve not come across any novel or movie that describe my life. 

Medivoice: So, who would you love to give a shoutout to?

POTW: My Stella girls. I love you all.

Medivoice: Lastly, any words for medivoice?

POTW: Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoy reading your articles. keep up the good work.

Medivoice: (blushes in all shades of red). We would surely keep up the good work and more.

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