The Trial of Intelligence

How do I explain to people that I was once referred to as the best

My mental prowess was never ever put to the test

Smoothly I cruised through life

My boat intelligence sailed effectively, favourable winds or not

However, here I am now – amidst the best of the best

And I won’t lie to you, we’re all being humbled daily

From confusing materials to endless heaps of slides

We drag through classes all day only to resort to overnight reading to understand

This place is a jungle, the deepest you can find

I wouldn’t recommend it, not even for my enemy

Still, will we quit? No

Will we do it all over again? Maybe so

Because what is life if one remains locked up in a bubble

Thinking you’re the king, not knowing kingdoms await to be conquered

Medical school is not just a test of knowledge and consistency

It is the real trial of intelligence

Pass that intelligence of yours through fire and watch

Watch if it is consumed or refined.

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