Lost Chapters and Aching Dreams

A Tale of Forgotten Stories and Sad Solace

I’ve forgotten how to write stories, but I remember this too well, as it is a tale filled with lost chapters and aching dreams. It’s that type of story that keeps you on your toes. And might I add that if you’re having a bad day, you might want to skip this particular piece? It will only make you sadder! 

“Waoh! What a way to start a story,” Adebimpe thought as she gave all her attention to the just-purchased book. She was an avid reader and recently found solace in sad books—the books that make you hate life more than anything. 

“Bimpe! Don’t you have an Anatomy test coming up?” Tao, her roommate of three years, asked. “Or you have given up on Medicine?” Tao added. 

“Please, I will read whenever I want to. After all, you’re not the one paying my fees,” Adebimpe lashed out. 

“Oh! Sorry for disturbing you,” Tao immediately apologized. “What’s wrong with this girl, though?” Tao thought. Adebimpe was the best roommate she could ever ask for and the nicest person she knew. But recently, Adebimpe was easily irritable, even by things that could help her. And all these changes became so noticeable when she became a third-year medical student. 

Her classes took up most of her time, and she barely had time to eat some days. At first, she just looked tired and read a lot. But now, she spent most of her time reading those sad novels. She felt withdrawn, even with Tao trying to make “small talk” here and there.

Meanwhile, let’s have a peek into Adebimpe’s life. Something only she knows– and you would too by the time you read this. Adebimpe was her parent’s first child, and being doctors, they knew her career even before she was born. Fast forward to 19 years later, and here she was, struggling with a course she never even wanted. 

Lost Chapters and Aching Dreams

At first, she felt it was okay to keep up the appearance and give her parents whatever they wanted. Unfortunately, her confidence waned, and she, hating failure more than anything, hated the shoe-sized marks she got. For context, she’s a size 38. Eventually, she only had negative thoughts and feared that her parents would disown her. 

Consequently, she entered an endless cycle of “inadequacy” and decided there was no saving her. The sad novels replaced her Keith Moore, as she read somewhere that sad songs make one feel better. And when the songs couldn’t hit the spot enough, she turned to those books.

If you want to know if she eventually improved, I can’t really say since I have forgotten how to write stories.


The storyline, names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story about Lost chapters and aching dreams are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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