Lost Chapters and Aching Dreams

A Tale of Forgotten Stories and Sad Solace I’ve forgotten how to write stories, but I remember this too well, as it is a tale filled with lost…

The Unwavering Spirit: A Journey of Triumph and Transformation

A story of triumph? Once, in a bustling city, lived a young woman named Amelia, full of dreams and aspirations. Amelia’s life took an unexpected turn when she…

Stop Surviving; Start Living!

What’s life’s purpose if we can’t even spend this “short life” making plenty of memories we’ll cherish till eternity?


He walks to the opposite end of their yard and begins to play. And the nothing in him builds into something so beautiful.

to grieve, but to live

Yes, time does heal a big part of our heavy hearts

Good News: We Are Finally Medical Students!

I have always wondered why this is so, that clinical students do not consider medical students in preclinical classes as nothing more than

Editor’s Note

It’s in how we now love the one who taught us to hate and wish we never believed being good in Biology made us the best candidate for “doctor things.”

Quotes: Life

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

The Irony Of Life

“Yes, I knew I could do it!” I screamed my guts out.“Baby girl, I’m so proud of you.”“I always knew you could do it.” These words were the…

Editor’s Note

Art imitates life. Some stories are made out of the daily experiences and observations in the daily lives of those who tell them. Others are borne of wild…