Editor’s Note

Change. Growth. Life.

Once a simple cluster of cells to the first stroll of baby steps. 

How we once desired to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers in our country, hoping everyone gets to know us well, to closed doors, vibes, and signals. It’s in how we now love the one who taught us to hate and wish we never believed being good in Biology made us the best candidate for “doctor things.”

A change in mindset. A change of heart, or a change of mind. It could also be a shift in the physicals. Change keeps happening in this never-ending stream of time we call growth. And life — the totality of it all.

Life happens, and that could ever meet us with rigid minds or as ones with open minds. How open are we to growth, learning, a change in behaviour, position? One such openness I’m having right now is towards the workings of being in an office. 

Before now, I’ve heard two messages preached. “Lead the change!” “Influence the change!” To lead, you’d have to be in an office. But to influence it, you do not need one. I had found sanctuary in only the latter, and don’t judge me yet. It’s just that I’ve witnessed how being in an office could mean nothing to the ones it serves. Democracy can be so well talked of but never leaves (has always lived) on the elders’ tongues. 

A bright, young man once walked up to me, canvassing my vote for a political office. I asked him what he would do about his promises if he never got elected. His reply was a fallen countenance, a dropped voice, and a simple “then, there’s nothing I can do.” So, If I’ve got this weird drive to prove that there really does exist something you can do even without an office, and as such, always refused offices — don’t judge me.

Well, life did happen, and as the new Editor-in-Chief of MediVoice News and Literary Club, I bid you welcome to a new cycle of sky blues, clear skies, sunshine packages of exciting content for your happy reading. As the year continues, with me learning what leading the change entails, (and oh! Trust me to be back here with my goodbye note at the end of the cycle on all that I’ve learnt.) know this and have peace: the MediVoice dream remains vivid, and we won’t stop bringing the smile to your lips. 

To kick that off, we’ve got an amazing round of submissions to get you started this new week! The one who guards our heart, theweirdprodigy, has once again brought us a way out. This time, to get over someone who once promised us a forever. And really, that someone shouldn’t stop you from eating posh this week. So, check out the food column and lord! There’s a post on Ewa Agoyin! Funny how the music review column brings up deja vu by Olivia Rodrigo, just when we are trying to forget that somebody, and hey! Do more to protect your mental health this week by going through our post on burnouts. All these and many more are right there, just for you. 

Do have a wonderful week, and from our Personality for this week, Joy Phebe Seth, to you: “In life, you never lose. You either win or learn. There’s zero room for losses.”

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