A Journey to Spain

A little chat about Spain and a particular TV series comes to mind! Yup! That would be Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). Spain is such an amazing country with so many beautiful places, and you should really consider adding it to your bucket list. It’s called the “home of wine,” probably because it’s the second-largest producer of wine in the world. You’ve must have heard of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, etc. These places are all in Spain!

Today, I’ll be giving you some of the spectacular things to look forward to whenever you visit Spain.

The Sagrada Familia

Situated in Barcelona, it’s quite a large unfinished Catholic church designed by Antonio Gaudi. History has it that its construction started approximately 140 years ago, and it should be complete in 2026. It has a total of 18 towers, an interior decoration that blesses the eyes, and it’s proposed to be one of the tallest cathedrals in the whole of Europe after its completion. Construction took this long partly because of the civil war in Spain that started around 1936, in which most of the building architectural drawings got destroyed.

Royal Palace of Madrid

A home for the royal families; it’s one of the most visited places in Europe. It has a total of 3,158 rooms, spanning a total of 1.5 million square feet. Thus, It’s known to be the largest European palace. Its interior decoration with its numerous artworks dating back to ages is exceptional.


It’s a UNESCO world heritage site located in Granada, Spain. You will find this located at the top of a rocky hill. The initial plan was to have it structured as a military base in the 9th century, probably because of its location (at the top of a hill). It got converted to a royal site in the mid-13th century because it was considered safe from attacks. The name “Alhambra” is of Arabic origin, which means “red castle,” describing the redness of the soil in contrast to the White Walls of this royal dynasty. A Moorish poet described the building as a pearl set in Emeralds.

Asides from the few places listed above, other important and fascinating views include the magnificent Roman theatre, the great mosque of Cordoba, the Prado, etc.

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