Top 5 Amazing Sites You Should Visit in Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world, with a total area of about 17 million square kilometres, is a country with so many adventures that promise memories that won’t fade in a lifetime. Below are 5 top tourist sites you should see whenever you visit Russia.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Located in the country’s capital, Moscow. Since most flights from various countries stop in Moscow, you should consider filling your eyes with this amazing site. History has it that this amazing Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan the terrible, who allegedly blinded the cathedral’s architect so that he won’t replicate this design or create anything more beautiful than this afterwards. The many-coloured beautiful exterior with its many colours was initially painted with just white colours. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and a beautiful sight to behold.

Lake Baikal

It’s located in south-central Siberia, not far from the Mongolian border. It has the record of being the oldest, deepest, and largest freshwater lake on the Earth, surrounded by mountains and forests. It also has a record of being the most transparent lake on Earth, and even in some instances, you can see the bottom of the lake from the top. Lake Baikal has been called the “pearl of Russia” and undoubtedly, it deserves that name.

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano formed more than 2 million years ago. Its name “Elbrus” literally translates as “resembling a thousand mountain” because of its height and large size. It is located in southern Russia. Mount Elbrus is a mountain that spans two different continents. It’s also the highest mountain in the whole of Europe, making it one of the 7 highest summits in the world, and it has 2 summits. Mt. Elbrus is always covered with ice in every season of the year.

Stalingrad Battlefield

The city of Stalingrad is located in the west of Russia. Though a provoking and sobering site, it’s still worth being explored. This city experienced the bloodiest battles of world war 2 in 1942, and even years after this incident, remnants of the battle such as the ruins of buildings, bombs, etc are still present to date. A museum located in this city has been dedicated to preserving the history of the war.

The Kremlin

The kremlin is another attractive site that tourists should not miss. It’s located in the heart of Moscow, and it’s the biggest fortress in the whole of Europe. An official residence of the current president of Russia — Vladimir Putin. The kremlin walls got their red look late in the 19th century, they were once white. The Kremlin is home to the world’s largest bell, which has never rung as it was unfortunately broken during its construction. It has a total of 20 towers, all with names except two, which are called the first unnamed and the second unnamed. The Kremlin is an amazing site, and you should see it.

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